Discover the world of piano covers on Youtube

If you are looking for inspiration for playing your digital piano then Youtube is a great place to start. Once you have found a few things you like, you will probably end up falling down a digital piano Youtube rabbit hole. This is likely to fill you with ideas and inspiration to get you going. Continue reading “Discover the world of piano covers on Youtube”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Piano

A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Piano

Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream has always been a bit of a fascination for musicians and composers. There are a number of classical music interpretations of this famous literary work including music by Mendelssohn and Benjamin Britten. Continue reading “A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Piano”

Keyboard Cat Dies Aged Nine

At the age of nine, the piano sensation Keyboard Cat has sadly died.

While he was not perhaps the most technical pianist the world has seen in the past century, Keyboard Cat racked up nearly 90 million views on his official Youtube channel – which you can find here. Followers and admirers will be devastated to hear the news and a number of Keyboard Cat tributes have already been posted to commemorate him and his unique piano playing style. More are sure to flood the internet in the coming weeks and months. Continue reading “Keyboard Cat Dies Aged Nine”

Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton – the World’s Hottest Show

In case you have missed the news – the big hit in the musical theatre world last year was undoubtedly ‘ Hamilton ’. Written by the ridiculously talented Lin Manuel Miranda, the show has smashed Broadway records and stolen the hearts of millions of musical theatre lovers across the globe.

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Pokemon pianist takes internet by storm

You have to be living under the rock if you haven’t heard about Pokemon Go! The recent  app, involving everybodys favourite 90’s cartoon monstors has taken the world by storm, and doesn’t it just keep on growing. Pokemons now even taking the internet by storm in the world of digital piano!

pokemon piano - man films himself playing pokemons background music on his digital instrument Pokemon PLAY! Fan films himself playing battle music on his digital piano Continue reading “Pokemon pianist takes internet by storm”

YouTube Piano musicians reach 1 billion views

A popular American musical group, known as “The Piano Guys“, have completed a feat which is up there with the likes of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry – they’ve just racked up an impressive 1 billion views on YouTube.

Views keep on coming - YouTube sensations - the piano guys reach 1 billion views
Playing the right notes – The Piano Guys have racked up an impressive 1 billion hits on their YouTube Channel

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The hit group from France!

This year the popularity and status of girl group LEJ has absolutely skyrocketed. The group is made up of three girls from France who started off by simply uploading a few videos to Youtube of them making music together. At first, this was just a hobby and the videos were a bit scrappy, as would be expected from three teenage girls just playing around on Youtube. As time went on their videos began to gradually receive more and more recognition, especially in France. The group seemingly invested in a better camera and their videos started looking more and more professional.

LEJ from France

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Play a Christmas Medley this December

If you want to add a little bit of class this holiday season, then perhaps you might like to follow in the footsteps of ‘pianodoc82’ and create your very own Christmas piano medley. ‘Pianodoc82’ is not a professional pianist and is in fact a paediatric neuroradiology fellow in Washington DC. His Youtube videos are great and show us that even if you’re not a professional pianist haven’t had any large amount (or any at all) professional pianistic tuition, you can still do wonderful things with a piano.

Play a Christmas medley this year

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The Piano Guys are Back!

Everyone knows the Piano Guys are awesome and everyone loves them. Well, you should be thrilled to hear that this week they have brought out another video! Known for their videos which are usually filmed in glorious surroundings (for no particular reason, but who cares!), this latest film seems to have been filmed in some kind of vast salt desert expanse and thanks to clever filming and editing, we see the stars go by overhead (really quite apt as the cover is of Coldplay’s Sky Full of Stars). The Piano Guys Continue reading “The Piano Guys are Back!”

Fruit Piano…

This month, digital pianos have taken another turn towards weirdville with yet another Raspberry Pi related venture. There have already been several weird and wonderful fruit related Raspberry Pi ventures before this month’s video release, and clearly new advancements with Raspberry Pis are going to people’s heads. Although the results are somewhat amusing, having a digital piano made of fruit is less than practical (unless you have the soul intenet of being a Youtube wonder)… Fruit piano Continue reading “Fruit Piano…”