Yamaha Clavinovas are a really superb breed of digital piano and they are suitable for anyone, be it a learner or a professional. There is a plethora of features inbuilt into all electronic pianos in the Yamaha Clavinova range which ensures there is everything and anything you could possibly want built in. Digital pianos as a whole are great instruments that suit nearly all piano players. Yamaha Clavinovas take digital piano technology to the next level and boast a range of features that other electric pianos do not have. There are apps that have been designed to work specifically alongside Yamaha pianos.


Marc Anthony – Building The Salsa Empire

Marc Anthony of the old order knew that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, Marc Anthony, present day singer-songwriter and leader of a new Salsa School Of Thought also knows it takes time to rule the world. Whilst the former is a soldier of historic significance, the latter is working to build a musical empire around his Latino roots. In both English and his native Hispanic tongue Marc Anthony has formulated a repertoire of torrid Salsa tracks that embrace a diverse trio of Latino, Pop and R&B. ‘’I Need To Know’’, released in 1999 is one such single that exemplifies the success of these crossover genres to produce a danceable composition that enchants the generations. Together with the line-up that includes violin, digital piano and indigenous percussion this indulgent affair has us all in raptures and Marc Anthony ruling the Salsa Empire wearing little more than a sache.Marc Anthony – Building The Salsa Empire Continue reading “Marc Anthony – Building The Salsa Empire”

The Yamaha Arius Piano Range – It’s Heavenly

Arius can be first cited as far back as AD 250; as a devoted priest in Alexandria, Egypt. If you too have received your calling then it’s time to check out the Yamaha Arius digital piano range. The result is pure heaven in a box resonating from 6 models from the Yamaha YDP 142 to the Yamaha YDP 162PE.Yamaha Arius YDP-142 Digital Piano available in 3 different colours

The Arius YDP-142 & YDP-162

Either of these two digital pianos is the perfect choice to get your creativity fired up. Yamaha’s Graded Standard Hammer (GSH) Action with a range of 88 keys can be found on the Yamaha Arius YPD-142 and YDP-162 models and will cater for those weightier contemporary bass lines in the left hand whilst accommodating decorative and intricate Baroque motifs in the right hand. Additional functions and effects will add depth and personality to your performance motivating you to refine your repertoire further.

Lauding It Up With The Arius YDP 181

This digital piano offers all the features of its more standard models plus the truest piano sound. The more discerning performer will appreciate the rich velvet timbre of the Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Digital Piano grand piano that is needed to authenticate the detailing of the composer’s manuscript. Nocturnes need to be executed with depth of feeling and maturity whilst the nimblest of scherzos should be light and tactile. The Yamaha Arius YDP 181 will provide all the tools you require to enhance your technical prowess – the rest is at your fingertips.

Sounding Just Grand With The Arius YDP 162PE

If you’re looking for the fullest of conversions then the Arius YDP 162PE has all the power and the glory. The high-end external finish reflects the equally luxurious internal workings with weighted action, controlled volume and simulated ebony and ivory keys to provide the grandest of performances fit for a discerning audience.

With the Yamaha YDP Arius electric piano range there’s something for everyone. The YDP 14 and 162 will fulfil your musical hopefuls whilst the Yamaha YDP 181 and YDP 162PE will take your musicality to the next level. Whatever your choice – just like Arius – you’ll be full of praise.