Merry Christmas from Chase

Merry Christmas from the team here at Chase Music!!


This year has been a year of electric pianos! We have seen the release of some lovely new digital pianos and the digital piano technology is as up to date as it ever has been and shows huge promise for the future.


Merry Christmas from Chase!!!


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Do you remember Busted?!

Anyone who grew up in the 90s and 2000s should remember the joy that was the boy band Busted. Busted were an absolute smash hit band for a good decade and any girl between the ages of eight and eighteen probably had some kind of Busted poster up on their bedroom wall at home.


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The Kawai KDP-90; The perfect piano gift!

If you are looking to give the gift of music this year in the form of a digital piano (as many people indeed are) then you are in luck. Chase Direct have hundreds of different packages with every kind of digital piano imaginable. One of the most popular pianos around by far is the wonderful Kawai KDP-90. Everyone who goes into the Chase piano showroom looking for a piano, absolutely falls in love with this brilliant electronic piano.

Kawai KDP-90 Digital Piano


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Does your church or chapel need a new piano?

With the Christmas season upon us, music is obviously an important factor in the upcoming services. If you are looking for a new piano for your church or chapel, then you need not look any further! Digital pianos are absolutely perfect for the worship environment. Here at Chase Direct we sell many electronic pianos to Church communities and there are countless benefits to having an electric piano compared to the more traditional acoustic piano.

Church piano

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Get your carols ready for Christmas!

It’s that time of year again; the supermarkets are adorned with flashing Christmas lights and novelty Santas. Despite Christmas day being more than a month away, it has taken over once again. Every shop I have walked into in the past week has had the subtle tones of Christmas music in the background, just to subliminary get everyone in the mood.

Carols around the piano!

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The Faces – There’s A Beer For That

The Faces are back with their 70’s sound ‘Ooh La La’. From small to tall, this rock band has gone through numerous changes to get to their present form including several variants of members, height and sound. With vocals, guitar, digital piano, bass and drums intact The Faces are now ready to face the world as their re-recorded ‘Ooh La La’ hits the TV screen  via the latest campaign by Britain’s Beer Alliance. So whether it’s ‘’sharing a burger with your labra-doodle’’ or ‘’treating yourself to cakes and strudel’’; let’s raise a glass to the new look of an old face. ‘’Ooh La La’’ – there’s a beer for that. The Faces – There’s A Beer For That Continue reading “The Faces – There’s A Beer For That”

Postmodern Jukebox – Blue-tiful Bassline

Postmodern Jukebox is a vintage band of musicians who are known for mining original pop songs and cover them in styles of jazz, ragtime and swing. The variable group of some forty-two musicians is the brain-child of digital piano player and arrangPostmodern Jukebox – Blue-tiful Basslineer Scott Bradlee who keeps a tight lid on this explosive new bent. From vocalists to woodwind, brass, strings and percussion players, Postmodern Jukebox encompasses all sections of the traditional orchestra with its streamlined selection of hand-picked and dextrous performers hat make up ensembles of a hand full of players. Musical arrangements are slick, seamless affairs that span the decades of celebrity ‘biggies’ from Elvis to George Michael to Miley Cyrus.

As the Christmas season approaches the Postmodern Jukebox arrangement of Elvis’ ‘’Blue Christmas’’ will no doubt go down well as a tongue-in-cheek act where the doubling of double basses lead this Yuletide smoothie through its paces. With Kate Davis fronting on double bass and vocals this vintage swipe at all things blue also features Adam Kubota twinning with an upright of his own. Scott Bradlee accompanies on the digital piano with an overstated ragtime rendition backed by a more sensitive offering by Chip Thomas on drums. ‘’Duelling Basses’’ may be the title though the three wise performing it could have perhaps improved on its less than imaginative title. Continue reading “Postmodern Jukebox – Blue-tiful Bassline”

Jimmy Durante – Still Making Us Happy

Jimmy Durante has been making us happy for years with his gruff, rasping vocals, big ‘’schnoz’’ and digital piano skills that completed the comic act. From Herry Monster to ‘Frosty The Snowman’, Jimmy Durante fronted a career that spanned the decades and today we still tip our hat to his memory and artistic input. From a ragtime digital piano player to a vaudeville star, Jimmy Durante was known for his linguistic patter which still survives today as phrases like ’’Dat’s my boy!’’ ‘’Inka Dinka Doo’’ and ‘’Ha cha cha’’ grace the English language. Impressions of his big ‘’scnoz’’ nose still continue to be mimicked by wearers of a plastic cup on their nose whilst tickling the ivories of an imaginary digital piano. Keeping the Jimmy Durante image alive and glowing is the present re-kindling of the 1964 track ‘’Make Someone Happy’’ in the seasonal Coca-Cola promo as his gritty vocals and humble ragtime beginnings are replaced by grand orchestral scoring, bright lights and an excess of US showmanship.     Jimmy Durante – Still Making Us Happy Continue reading “Jimmy Durante – Still Making Us Happy”

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – A Bite Size Version

‘ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ’ comes to our TV screens this Yuletide courtesy of Apple. This year the software company’s ad campaign focuses on Apple’s AirPlay feature fronted by a ‘misunderstood’ teenager who compiles a seasonal message whilst on holiday with his family via a montage of festive fun. His pre-occupation with his bite size gadget is accompanied by the classic track ‘ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ’ as our lads anti-social slant is positively realised in the form of a TV presentation of the family’s holiday.Tidings of comfort and joy abound as the message of happy hols comes shining through complete with an endearing electric piano arrangement that delivers every time.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Continue reading “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – A Bite Size Version”

Stepping Into The Light With Littlewoods

Into The Light ’ this year has replaced 2012’s ‘White Nights’ as the sound track for Littlewoods Christmas campaign. Amid the deep midwinter glow of lights and nights Myleene Klass uses her special Littlewoods touch to spread the load in your pocket and Santa’s sleigh. This Yuletide you’ll find our celebrity in Santa’s grotto dressed as a glamorous picker of Christmas delights from a ‘’Samsung Tab 3’’ for dad to ‘’something fancy’’ for mum. The soundtrack helps to make this Littlewoods promo an advert apart with music ‘’Into The Light’’sung by Arlissa it’s a touching scene at the push of a …finger!      Continue reading “Stepping Into The Light With Littlewoods”