Do you remember Busted?!

Anyone who grew up in the 90s and 2000s should remember the joy that was the boy band Busted. Busted were an absolute smash hit band for a good decade and any girl between the ages of eight and eighteen probably had some kind of Busted poster up on their bedroom wall at home.


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Kawai alternatives to Steinway

Many people believe that a piano is capable of reproducing the sound of an entire orchestra and there are hundreds of thousands of sound variation in most grand pianos, yet the majority of people who tend to talk about piano sound today only seem to talk about the sound of a single manufacturer: Steinway.

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Dotan the Wandering Piano Man!


In piano related news this week there is a particularly interesting story about the ‘Wandering piano man’! Dotan Negrin, aged just 24, is becoming more and more well known for his nutty piano antics. He has taken to pushing his upright piano not just around America, but around the world for no other reason that because he can! Back in 2011 Dotan quit his day job, bought a van and a piano, and went in search of a new (and a million times more interesting and exciting) life!  Dotan the piano man Continue reading “Dotan the Wandering Piano Man!”

Matthew Koma – A Business Card Up His Sleeve

Matthew Koma may be relatively new to the music business but he’s certainly making an impression. The US musician started life as a hard-edged punk rocker and has since converted to a more gentile styling that has amassed an audience on a grander scale. His present pop-based tracks feature softer and more accessible sounds that exude from his gritty vocals. They unfold a storyline accompanied by the folk-like twang of the acoustic guitar and flowing digital piano chords that frame the lyrics with an easy-listening feel. As timing would have it Matthew Koma has embodied his pop bent in the multi-million dollar launch of the Vistaprint advertising campaign. Entitled ‘The Postcard’ Matthew Koma delivers a graceful 60 second pose as the story of a family-owned bakery becomes the setting for his track ‘’Hold On Tight’’ and softer styling means business.  Matthew Koma – A Business Card Up His Sleeve Continue reading “Matthew Koma – A Business Card Up His Sleeve”

Rae Morris – From Blackpool With Love

Rae Morris is the best attraction to come out of Blackpool at the moment – and she rocks. The singer-songwriter has her own set of landmark skills and can rustle up a gooey-eyed pop ballad accompanied by pertinent digital piano scoring in no time. Rae Morris is presently flying a flag over her own sandcastle in the sky by way of her debut album ‘Unguarded’ which dons twelve tracks of equal musical integrity and artistic merit starting with its first listed track ‘Skin’. Of course let’s not forget the resurrected Rae Morris cover of the Lennon-McCartney ‘All You Need Is Love’ to add to her collection of souvenirs which has flown gracefully from iconic Liver nerds to an equally lively bird further north. Just one long holiday you may ask; listen for yourself…Rae Morris – From Blackpool With Love Continue reading “Rae Morris – From Blackpool With Love”

Come Out To Play With The Casio PX-760, 860 & AP-260

‘’Boys and Girls come out to play’’ is a nursery rhyme that dates back to 1708 but those street playfellows didn’t have the benefits of a modern world where the Casio Digital Piano PX-760, 860 and AP-260 are better than any form of past-time entertainment. There are many versions of this child ballad all suggesting that work is apportioned to the daylight hours and play for the late evening ‘’The moon doth shine as bright as day’’. Having left these day of yore behind us; girls and boys can today have equal measures of fun playing the Casio PX-760, 860 and AP-260 as the modern world and the turn-table spin side-by-side! So why not come out to play in the comfort of your own home…Casio PX 760 Continue reading “Come Out To Play With The Casio PX-760, 860 & AP-260”

Grizzly Bear Approaching

Grizzly Bear is approaching in the shape of a weekend of drama. As ITV3 screens a decade of special shows from Endeavour to Wycliffe you will hear the roar of Grizzly Bear as its back drop trailer. The one minute glimpse from this harmless creature of an indie rock habitat features the quartet’s hit single ‘Sun In Your Eyes’. This Grizzly Bear track fashions a less experimental sound than often trademarked in former repertoire with its rock ballad niche and lyrical message; delivered graciously on the back of a digital piano sway. From the ‘’Sun In Your Eyes’’ to the brightest of lights; you’re sure to have a blast in this weekend of drama.Grizzly Bear Approaching Continue reading “Grizzly Bear Approaching”

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes – Still On Board

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes may be a lengthy name for this famous 70s band, but they took up even more room on stage as there were so many of them! From the original five of this cross-over Philly soul quintet, there were seventeen members who came and went and the band is clearly still active today. Indeed, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes were reunited in 2013 for the first Soul Train Cruise – a cruise-based line up of some fifteen performing artists that includes Patty LaBelle, The O’Jays and similar soul bands of yesteryear. It would seem their billing was a success as costumes did glitter, digital piano keys did shine and all those 70s chart-busters came flooding back on board the retro Love Boat.Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes – Still On Board Continue reading “Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes – Still On Board”

Abba – Here They Go Again

Abba duo Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus are two musicians from the original 70’s quartet that will be taking a chance at the forthcoming Olivia Awards. The boys ‘BB’ are one half of the double husband/wife ‘AA’ team that made it big with their pristine Swedish image and pop-rock fairy stories. With Benny and Bjorn as the musical brains behind the legendary foursome they led the way with their own brand of sweet harmony, distinct synth pop digital piano motifs and complex orchestral dubs. The pending performance with the ‘Mamma Mia’ musical stage show cast may be the start of something new but either way the Abba lads are super troupers whatever the outcome.Abba – Here They Go Again Continue reading “Abba – Here They Go Again”

Kaiser Chiefs – This Means War?

Kaiser Chiefs may or may not have bitten off more than they can chew with their latest album release ‘’Education, Education, Education & War’’. Their hot-off-the press promo is certainly a mouthful by name but even so, the tracks have something valid to say from the usual protestations of love on the song market. Perhaps the OTT ‘Education’ reference (as well as its political undertones) is a lesson learnt as the band is given a second chance to keep their musical boat a float après drummer and chief song writer Nick Hodgson jumped ship and main singer Ricky Wilson took up his new position in a swivel chair on The Voice. Either way, there isn’t too many original Kaiser Chiefs left to dance around the wigwam and that could mean war. Perhaps we’re predicting another riot? Kaiser Chiefs – This Means War? Continue reading “Kaiser Chiefs – This Means War?”