Cole Porter – Any Time Of The Night Or Day

Today we celebrate the birthday of Cole Porter who may have died in 1964 but his memory lives on. A talented songwriter who wrote a tapestry of musicals from the turn of the century to 1958 and film scores in between. It was his adeptness with the romantic notion of the melody line and poetic lyrics (an art inherited from his father) that heralded Cole Porter as one of the Broadway greats with songs such as ‘Night And Day’ and ‘Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye’ that headline his abundant repertoire. Seated at his digital piano Cole Porter churned out a plethora of musicals and film scores during his lifetime and though we salute his mastery of his wider theatrical work; it is his individual songs that show true mastery.Cole Porter – Any Time Of The Night Or Day Continue reading “Cole Porter – Any Time Of The Night Or Day”

The Music Festival Scene – A Sock Rockers Paradise

A glut of feasting for our senses is upon us as the annual tradition of the music festival gets underway. Venues both home and away, from Land’s End to John O’Groats sprawl the music map with their call to the masses. From hip hop in June to the Bestival in September there’s every music style to be enjoyed this summer. Whether it’s jazz, classical, rock or opera you’ll find it all under the music festival umbrella; where the voice is king accompanied by a garrison of guitars and artistes who dance nimbly on the keys of the digital piano and more. So if it’s a tribute sound or a pop-up pub that you can rock your socks in then why not don your wellies and see what’s on at a music festival near you. Here’s a pick for June …Glastonbury Music Festival Continue reading “The Music Festival Scene – A Sock Rockers Paradise”

The Musical Upgrade – From Duvets To A Digital Piano

The musical upgrade are bought to you via the latest Travelodge TV campaign – all wrapped in a snug musical-style setting. There’s not a Lenny Henry in sight but the hotel chain is on the up and is leaving no bed unturned. The one-minute sing-a-long by personalised puppets is packed with Travelodgical folk from those going solo to larger ensembles; as king size beds and upgraded rooms form the framework of this latest makeover.

Of course the musical upgrade comes in various shapes and sizes and the digital piano business is no different. Today, you can enjoy a Korg SP to LP musical upgrade the moment you feel you have outgrown your present model. It may not be wrapped in a snug duvet but the LP 380 digital piano does have a dust cover to keep it warm.  The Musical Upgrade - From Duvets To A Digital Piano Continue reading “The Musical Upgrade – From Duvets To A Digital Piano”

Howard Jones – Getting To Know You Well

Howard Jones is a UK singer songwriter who hails from the 80’s. Those of us old enough to remember the synth-pop legend knew him well then and salute his stalwart artistry as he continues to ride the music air waves today. June will see Howard Jones live in concert in Manchester; just one of a long line-up of performing venues this boy of the hills will be attending. Not complete without his digital piano, things can only get better for Howard Jones as he dons his repertoire of yesteryear that includes revered hits ‘What  Is Love?’ and ‘Like To Get Toy Know You Well’ to a crowd of today. How-ard can it be? Howard Jones – Getting To Know You Well Continue reading “Howard Jones – Getting To Know You Well”

Meghan Trainor – A Lot To Learn

Meghan Trainor, singer-songwriter extraordinaire she may be – but some think she still has a lot to learn. Having parked ‘All About That Bass’’ as a successful global hit, Meghan Trainor is focusing on the next song in her quirky repertoire in the shape of ‘Dear Future Husband’. Released last month reviews have been mixed as our doo-wop diva sets out her pre-nuptial wish list of do’s and don’ts to survive the marriage. A brass-necked little ditty from a girl who can’t cook; deserves a bae and demands flowers … so in the words of Adam Ant – ‘’What do you do?’’. Well, the digital piano ‘plinks’ are a sure sign that Meghan Trainor has got a bit of musical growing up to do but my roving eye does admire the deep rasping maturity of that baritone sax!    Meghan Trainor – A Lot To Learn Continue reading “Meghan Trainor – A Lot To Learn”

Don McLean Sells A Slice Of His Pie

Don McLean sold a slice of his American Pie as a healthy $1.2 million dollars changed hands at Christie’s Auction House in New York yesterday.  ‘’A meagre crust’’ doters of the 70’s folk rocker might say who feel they have shares in this ‘’book of love’’ with its overspill of six poetic verses, reflective teachings and an overt reference to Buddy Holly, James Dean et al. In purchasing the American Pie manuscripts the anonymous recipient would apparently have the Don McLean mystery revealed to him as they climb into the legend’s head; engaging on a lyrical journey that goes far beyond the page. With closely shadowing digital piano scoring to accompany from the onset, Don McLean has ‘’The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost’’ to watch his music never dies.Don McLean Sells A Slice Of His Pie Continue reading “Don McLean Sells A Slice Of His Pie”

Tom Odell – One Of Life’s Learners

Tom Odell is back as the ultimate plonker as he stomps his way through his track ‘Can’t Pretend’ with all the passion and rage of a thwarted lover. Don’t worry, his long-suffering digital piano will recover as Tom Odell finds his way back from yet another stay at a heartbreak hotel; but this time the learning curve was steeper.Tom Odell – One Of Life’s Learners Continue reading “Tom Odell – One Of Life’s Learners”

Rixton – Carry On Sampling?

Rixton, the foursome pop band from Manchester reckon all they need is a little love in their lives. Their hit track ‘’Me And My Broken Heart’’ was co-written by no less than five members so if that’s not sharing the love – I don’t know what is! Released as their debut single in the spring of 2014 Rixton has enjoyed attention throughout the industry since that time though some have criticised the quartet for their over-zealous use of eclectic repertoire and in this case it’s more than a proportionate nod to Rob Thomas’ track of 2005 ‘’Lonely No More’’. The chorus of both songs certainly shares the same chord sequence and melody line though Rixton has smoothed out the roRixton – Carry On Sampling?ck-funk feel with their own ballad-styling of stomped digital piano chords. But there’s sampling; and there’s sampling … Continue reading “Rixton – Carry On Sampling?”

Daft Punk – The Music Behind The Mask

Daft Punk first got their name when a negative review deemed their music ‘’a daft punky thrash’’. The French duo de Homem-Christo and Bangalter were at the time looking for a name to front their new ‘90s house sound and so these brazen musicians took the negative and turned it on its head! When we think of Daft Punk today their music is still characterised by the iconic ‘zub’ of the digital piano; synthesiser-based music fused with house, ritualistic images and the sci-fi experience. The ‘dark’ stage image of helmets and gloves still holds fast as the robotic nature of Daft Punk music and ‘man as machine’ maintains its stronghold.Daft Punk – The Music Behind The Mask Continue reading “Daft Punk – The Music Behind The Mask”

Jimmy Durante – Still Making Us Happy

Jimmy Durante has been making us happy for years with his gruff, rasping vocals, big ‘’schnoz’’ and digital piano skills that completed the comic act. From Herry Monster to ‘Frosty The Snowman’, Jimmy Durante fronted a career that spanned the decades and today we still tip our hat to his memory and artistic input. From a ragtime digital piano player to a vaudeville star, Jimmy Durante was known for his linguistic patter which still survives today as phrases like ’’Dat’s my boy!’’ ‘’Inka Dinka Doo’’ and ‘’Ha cha cha’’ grace the English language. Impressions of his big ‘’scnoz’’ nose still continue to be mimicked by wearers of a plastic cup on their nose whilst tickling the ivories of an imaginary digital piano. Keeping the Jimmy Durante image alive and glowing is the present re-kindling of the 1964 track ‘’Make Someone Happy’’ in the seasonal Coca-Cola promo as his gritty vocals and humble ragtime beginnings are replaced by grand orchestral scoring, bright lights and an excess of US showmanship.     Jimmy Durante – Still Making Us Happy Continue reading “Jimmy Durante – Still Making Us Happy”