Pianos on Location

Pianos on Location

A running theme with thrill seeking pianists who are after an interesting location to  generate some publicity, is for them to play the piano in truly ridiculous places. For most piano sensations today (especially those who have reached the dizzying heights of fame through social media)the more ridiculous the location, the better. Continue reading “Pianos on Location”

Do you remember Busted?!

Anyone who grew up in the 90s and 2000s should remember the joy that was the boy band Busted. Busted were an absolute smash hit band for a good decade and any girl between the ages of eight and eighteen probably had some kind of Busted poster up on their bedroom wall at home.


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Dotan the Wandering Piano Man!


In piano related news this week there is a particularly interesting story about the ‘Wandering piano man’! Dotan Negrin, aged just 24, is becoming more and more well known for his nutty piano antics. He has taken to pushing his upright piano not just around America, but around the world for no other reason that because he can! Back in 2011 Dotan quit his day job, bought a van and a piano, and went in search of a new (and a million times more interesting and exciting) life!  Dotan the piano man Continue reading “Dotan the Wandering Piano Man!”

Peter And Gordon – Loved And Then Some

As Peter And Gordon will tell you; the rolling ‘60s was not ‘a world without love’. The duo’s 1964 single of the same title was cosily sandwiched between two other chart hits of the same pop ilk; the Beatles ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ & the Searchers ‘Don’t Throw Your Love Away’ where Peter And Gordon enjoyed their own little piece of the British Invasion jigsaw.

A World Without Love’ was a Lennon-McCartney signatory scored as a pop track with a folkish bent as the Peter And Gordon accompanied on acoustic guitar, digital piano and drum kit. Their soft vocal execution and dour lyrical content made for an easy-listening sound that added to the diverse pop repertoire of the day and just as Lennon had reportedly nodded in amusement to the first line of McCartney’s lyrics ‘‘Please lock me away’’ so the memory of Peter And Gordon is locked away as a piece of precious pop.Peter And Gordon – Loved And Then Some Continue reading “Peter And Gordon – Loved And Then Some”

The British Music Experience – Rated Or Berated?

When I heard the words the ‘British Music Experience’ on the radio recently my ears pricked up. What followed when I researched such a promising headline was that the venue had closed and with distinctly mixed reviews from the public. Taking up space on the top floor of the O2 Arena in London, the British Music Experience this cultural pull beholds a Pandora’s Box of the UK Brit Pop scene between 1944 to the present day. The exhibitions seven zones are made congruous by a timeline showcasing events, artists, costumes and artefacts. The public can enjoy getting interactive with a line-up of instruments including digital piano, guitar, drums etc. as well as dancing and singing and ‘’tagging’’ favourites tracks to download later is a favourite pastime on this journey through the British Music Experience. So which Brit Pop sounds would you choose?The British Music Experience – Rated Or Berated? Continue reading “The British Music Experience – Rated Or Berated?”

Charlie Puth – In The Pudding

It would seem that the proof is in the pudding with the sweet sounds of Charlie Puth. He’s presently got two parallel tracks in the spotlight; one sugar-coated goodie featuring his present partnership with vintage diva Meghan Trainor and a snug duo going down with rapper Wiz Khalifa. The accompanying video’s to both tracks site Charlie Puth seated at his digital piano and singing current songs ‘’Marvin Gaye’’ and ‘’See You Again’’ as he performs with each respective artist. The former sound gives a massive nod to ‘Stand By Me‘; originally released in 1961 by Ben E. King and the latter is a leisurely pop ballad with interspersions of a rapped hook. Both songs feature Charlie and the Puth-ing the pudding.Charlie Puth – In The Pudding Continue reading “Charlie Puth – In The Pudding”

Cole Porter – Any Time Of The Night Or Day

Today we celebrate the birthday of Cole Porter who may have died in 1964 but his memory lives on. A talented songwriter who wrote a tapestry of musicals from the turn of the century to 1958 and film scores in between. It was his adeptness with the romantic notion of the melody line and poetic lyrics (an art inherited from his father) that heralded Cole Porter as one of the Broadway greats with songs such as ‘Night And Day’ and ‘Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye’ that headline his abundant repertoire. Seated at his digital piano Cole Porter churned out a plethora of musicals and film scores during his lifetime and though we salute his mastery of his wider theatrical work; it is his individual songs that show true mastery.Cole Porter – Any Time Of The Night Or Day Continue reading “Cole Porter – Any Time Of The Night Or Day”

Toploader Headlines At The MudFest

As the glorious MudFest gets underway next week so headliner band Toploader is billed to take centre stage. The alternative rock group from Eastbourne will be setting the twilight tone with their legendary cover track ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ which reached global proportions in the late ‘90s. Originally recorded in 1972 by pop rockers King Harvest both versions are known for their featured Wurlitzer digital piano sound which adds a quivering tremolo effect to a vintage track. Toploader are frequent performers in a festival setting as their busy summer programme often finds them topping the bill at outdoor venues including Lakefest and AmpRocks. So why not don your wellies and dance by the light of the moon at this year’s MudFest.  Toploader Headlines At The MudFest Continue reading “Toploader Headlines At The MudFest”

The Tribute Band Targets 30 Somethings

It would seem that many music festivals this summer are looking forward to looking back as the tribute band takes the spotlight of many a venue. The Walled Garden, Brightling Park, East Sussex, and Wannasee Festival, Penrith in June and July respectively are unleashing a fiore of tribute bands upon their fans. From vintage sounds of The Beatles to The Police to Phil Collins; the iconic sounds of yesterday can be found in a setting of today as both music fests stage a treat for the over 30’s with poetic lyrics, jangling guitar chords and rocking digital piano chord progressions – this will be one happy target market where middle age spread is the height of good taste!The Tribute Band Targets 30 Somethings

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The Music Festival Scene – A Sock Rockers Paradise

A glut of feasting for our senses is upon us as the annual tradition of the music festival gets underway. Venues both home and away, from Land’s End to John O’Groats sprawl the music map with their call to the masses. From hip hop in June to the Bestival in September there’s every music style to be enjoyed this summer. Whether it’s jazz, classical, rock or opera you’ll find it all under the music festival umbrella; where the voice is king accompanied by a garrison of guitars and artistes who dance nimbly on the keys of the digital piano and more. So if it’s a tribute sound or a pop-up pub that you can rock your socks in then why not don your wellies and see what’s on at a music festival near you. Here’s a pick for June …Glastonbury Music Festival Continue reading “The Music Festival Scene – A Sock Rockers Paradise”