The digital piano – the answer to being a primary school teacher

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a good teacher? It might seem like a walk in the park from an outsider’s point of view, but in reality it is one of the hardest jobs going. There are many qualities needed to be a good teacher, but to be a really good primary school teacher there is one skill that is invaluable to schools today – the ability to play the piano. Who knew having an electric piano at home could help your career so much?! Continue reading “The digital piano – the answer to being a primary school teacher”

The Best for Piano Teachers

An ongoing debate among music and piano teachers is which piano is the best. Pupils will always go to their piano teachers for advice when looking to buy a new piano, but what kind of instrument do they tend to recommend? While purists will always recommend an acoustic instrument, this comes with many problems which has lead to an increasing number of teachers recommending digital pianos as the instrument of choice.

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Piano teacher still hitting the right notes at 93!

The year was 1938, and the second world war had yet to begin. A young, 16 year old Frieda Hart began as a teacher to give piano lessons to those around her, in her small mid west American town. 78 years later, at the ripe of age of 93, and she continues to do the same.

teacher still, 93 year old Frieda Hart
Still playing – 98 year old Frieda Hart is thought to be the worlds oldest piano teacher

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