Summer concerts this season

As the height of summer is fast approaching, so is the season for summer concerts. Proms have been organised and will start to take place in the coming months, and if you are in need of repertoire ideas to play at home on your digital piano, then you are in for a treat. Continue reading “Summer concerts this season”

Give your own Summer Concert this Year

Give your own Summer Concert this Year

Have you ever been to a summer concert? Perhaps a proms in the park, or maybe just a lunchtime recital? If you have then you will know that summer concert s are an absolute joy. For some unknown reason there is something a little extra special about music on a summer’s evening. If you are in agreement, and love summer concerts then there is absolutely no reason why you can’t have a little show at home.

Summer Concert

Proms in the Garden

If you want to recreate an outdoor musical prom, then you can! All you need is a digital piano, an extension lead, and some good weather. Obviously don’t ever take your digital piano in damp weather, but when it is totally dry outside you can always run an extension lead into your garden and plug in! Then, all you need to do is get all your friends round to your house with their picnics and blankets and play the night away. If you are worried that your piano won’t be loud enough for all of your friends to hear you out in the garden then it is super easy to connect an additional amplifier to a digital piano such as a Kawai KDP-110, or a Chase CDP-345 and many other models.

Indoor Summer Concert

If you are cursed with poor weather this summer then move our concert inside! Digital pianos are very portable so it will be easy to move your instrument into your front room or living room if it isn’t already there. Just make sure you get enough practise in before the big concert day!

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