What to Do With Your Old Acoustic Piano?

What to Do With Your Old Acoustic Piano?

More and more people are deciding to replace their old acoustic pianos with their digital counterparts. Electric pianos are becoming more popular than ever before and this is due to a number of reasons. Electronic pianos often work out to be cheaper than maintaining an acoustic instrument, they come packed with both useful and fun features, and they are more portable. Continue reading “What to Do With Your Old Acoustic Piano?”

Public Pianos – Police Edition!

Public Pianos – Police Edition!

It seems that not a week can go by without a public piano somewhere in the UK being in the news. These pianos are so regularly at the centre of heart-warming news stories that they are practically a weekly occurrence. This week, it is a couple of police officers playing one of the two pianos in St Pancras Train Station, London that has caught the attention of the masses. Continue reading “Public Pianos – Police Edition!”

Live Music at Oxford Road Station

Imagine a busy morning at Oxford Road Station; whether it is meeting a Oxford Road Station and its new pianoloved one on the platform or on your busy commute to work, you don’t expect to hear a live piano being played at the train station!

Manchester Oxford Road has recently introduced a new addition to the station which is an upright piano for any member of the public to play. Manchester is a thriving city filled with excellent musicians with exceptional talents and the piano at Oxford Road station gives these musicians an opportunity to show the public their skills. Continue reading “Live Music at Oxford Road Station”

The Digital Street Piano has arrived!

Street pianos seem to be a growing phenomenon, but in recent weeks it has come to my attention that there are actually a number of places that have now got a digital street piano! Of course, this actually makes far more sense when you think about it. Obviously an acoustic upright piano isn’t likely to stay in tune for very long when faced with the elements, whereas a digital piano will stay in tune forever. Also, the public are going to find a digital street piano much more fun, with all of the additional voices and other internal features that electric pianos come equipped with. The whole idea of street pianos is to get the public interested in playing the piano, and there is undoubtedly more allure with a digital street piano, particularly when it comes to encouraging kids to play. Electronic pianos tend to have so much more to offer!!

Digital Street Piano

Continue reading “The Digital Street Piano has arrived!”

Luke Jerram strikes again!!!

Luke Jerram has struck again! In the recent months Jerram has practically taken over piano news with his street pianos – on this digital piano news blog alone there have been a handful of posts revolving around the Play Me I’m Yours movement. The latest part of this exciting ongoing story is that a flock of fifteen new street pianos have been placed strategically around Canary Wharf in London as part of the (now world famous) project that was originally thought up in a launderette. Jerram and his piano movement Continue reading “Luke Jerram strikes again!!!”

Beautiful mosaic piano takes to the streets of Leeds!

Meet Otley’s mosaic piano! As a spin off to the world famous ‘Play Me I’m Yours’ street piano movement a simply stunning piano was created. Unlike the other street pianos, a huge amount of time and effort went into decorating this masterpiece and the whole piano was turned into a mosaic masterpiece by Mosaic artist Frances Taylor. After having been on display in Leeds for a while, the piano has returned to its original home of Otley where it has now joined the other pianos that were put out on the street at the same time to celebrate the Leeds International Piano Competition.Mosaic Piano Continue reading “Beautiful mosaic piano takes to the streets of Leeds!”

Street Piano hype!

Since 2010, the ‘ Street Piano ’ craze has taken off globally. The trend started with the ‘Play me I’m Yours’ art instillation which was created by Luke Jerram back in 2008. Somewhat different from playing your digital piano in the comfort of your own home, street pianos are proving to be just as popular. 15 old, donated pianos were placed across the city of Birmingham for three weeks, but by the end of the three weeks the pianos had become such a sensation that many cities across the country decided to have them installed on their streets permanently. Street Piano Continue reading “Street Piano hype!”