Has your child shown musical promise?

In this day and age so many children have access to technology it’s unbelievable what they are capable of! You will probably find that one in ten children who have either a smartphone or a tablet have a little digital piano app on which they can have a little play around at their own will. Most kids love playing on this kind of app as it is an excellent way for them to release creativity. If your child has been doing just this, then perhaps you should consider upgrading them to a keyboard, or a digital piano through which there will be no limits to their new found creativity.

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Prepare for the Piano Movie stint this Christmas!


It’s getting to that time of the year when every single channel on the television is showing all of our favourite films, so brace yourself! Everyone’s favourites will be showing, probably headed by the likes of the Harry Potter series and Sound of Music.. But last year I noticed something interesting. There were a fair few piano movies showing! Now, while something like perhaps The Piano is completely understandable to show at Christmas, as it has a nice little Christmas scene in it and the obligatory happy ending, last year between Christmas and New Year there was a television showing of The Pianist! Not exactly the most jolly piano movie…

Piano Movie




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Do you remember Busted?!

Anyone who grew up in the 90s and 2000s should remember the joy that was the boy band Busted. Busted were an absolute smash hit band for a good decade and any girl between the ages of eight and eighteen probably had some kind of Busted poster up on their bedroom wall at home.


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Carrie and her Youtube friends

Youtube musicians have their own little world; their very own Youtube bubble. If you have spent any time exploring the weird and wonderful world of Youtube musicians then you will appreciate that it’s a bit of a clique, but a clique that everyone wants to be in!

Carrie Hope Fletcher

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Justin Bieber returns to the Charts!

This week the inevitable has happened; Justin Beiber has topped the UK charts once again with his new song which is called ‘Sorry’.

Justin Bieber


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The Kawai KDP-90; The perfect piano gift!

If you are looking to give the gift of music this year in the form of a digital piano (as many people indeed are) then you are in luck. Chase Direct have hundreds of different packages with every kind of digital piano imaginable. One of the most popular pianos around by far is the wonderful Kawai KDP-90. Everyone who goes into the Chase piano showroom looking for a piano, absolutely falls in love with this brilliant electronic piano.

Kawai KDP-90 Digital Piano


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Music for the firework season

Firework night, otherwise known as bonfire night is a great excuse to talk about music. There have been some absolute crackers (pun intended) written to celebrate the near-demolition of parliament and today they are still proving to be some of the most popular pieces of classical music in the world.

Firework piano


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Get your carols ready for Christmas!

It’s that time of year again; the supermarkets are adorned with flashing Christmas lights and novelty Santas. Despite Christmas day being more than a month away, it has taken over once again. Every shop I have walked into in the past week has had the subtle tones of Christmas music in the background, just to subliminary get everyone in the mood.

Carols around the piano!

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Daedalus on the Piano

Thrice have been around for a while now (16 years, to be precise) and have maintained their immense popularity and following throughout their career. Their combination of haunting melodies and poignant lyrics tend to leave listeners inspired and moved. After having a Youtube binge, I have found some really superb piano covers of some of Thrice’s more popular songs. Some of the best ones I have come across have been of Daedalus, which was released as part of the Alchemy Index in 2000. There are two particular renditions that I find particularly striking, and I love the fact that these are just normal guys at home (one of whom is quite clearly just on his digital piano in his bedroom). Daedalus by Thrice Continue reading “Daedalus on the Piano”

The Piano Guys are Back!

Everyone knows the Piano Guys are awesome and everyone loves them. Well, you should be thrilled to hear that this week they have brought out another video! Known for their videos which are usually filmed in glorious surroundings (for no particular reason, but who cares!), this latest film seems to have been filmed in some kind of vast salt desert expanse and thanks to clever filming and editing, we see the stars go by overhead (really quite apt as the cover is of Coldplay’s Sky Full of Stars). The Piano Guys Continue reading “The Piano Guys are Back!”