Sing a Song this Bank Holiday Weekend

This bank holiday weekend is bound to be full of activities, events, and memories for many people across the UK. However you end up spending your time today, tomorrow, and Monday, make sure it is a bank holiday weekend to remember. Believe it or not, a Chase digital piano can help you with the memories! Continue reading “Sing a Song this Bank Holiday Weekend”

Digital Pianos for Singers

Digital Pianos for Singers

If you are thinking of taking up singing lessons then you might want to consider getting yourself a digital piano. This might sound strange to some people but a piano is actually an important tool for professional singers everywhere. Continue reading “Digital Pianos for Singers”

Piano playing robot stuns with Stevie Wonder recital

Technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the past century. We recently saw a self-playing piano in the streets of Cambridge. Now, however, we have an  actual robot pianist.

Continue reading “Piano playing robot stuns with Stevie Wonder recital”