Play Shostakovich on your Digital Piano

Shostakovich was an amazing man. Not only did he compose some of the greatest classical music known to man, but he also did what he loved in the face of terrifying opposing forces in Stalinist Russia. That’s right, Shostakovich is an interesting and important figure in both music history, and post-revolution Russian history. Today, his music is readily available to take home and play on your Chase piano. Continue reading “Play Shostakovich on your Digital Piano”

Shostakovich and his quartets

Dimitri Shostakovich is one of the most interesting composers of the 20th century, without a shadow of a doubt. Perhaps most famous for his Symphony Number 5, and jazz suites, this legendary composer was notable for using a signatory motif in a number of his compositions. Shostakovich’s name, as ‘D-S-C-H’ translates musically to ‘D-Eb-C-B’.



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