Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia!

Here we go again! With the recent announcement of Mamma Mia 2, ABBA have been on the minds of the masses. Ever popular, the likes of Money Money Money, Super Trouper, and The Winner Takes it All have all crept back into the charts recently as a result of the film release announcement. Continue reading “Mamma Mia!”

Bowie hits the charts!

Ever since the news of his untimely death earlier in the month, David Bowie has been floating around in the UK top 40 singles charts (as is normally the case when a British music icon passes away) and will probably continue to do so for the coming months. Bowie is currently holding places 30, 32, and 36, and is down eighteen, sixteen, and eighteen places. Unfortunately he has now been overtaken by the likes of One Direction and Bieber, but hopefully Bowie will stay in our charts a little longer.

This week's chart topper

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Jonah Lomu – Pay your respects to the legend

Last night we heard of the sad and untimely death of Jonah Lomu who suffered from a heart attack yesterday and the age of 40 after having suffered from long standing kidney problems. The former all-blacks star player is a legend over the world and today New Zealand has found itself in a state of mourning as one of their national heroes has passed through the pearly gates.



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Play a Christmas Medley this December

If you want to add a little bit of class this holiday season, then perhaps you might like to follow in the footsteps of ‘pianodoc82’ and create your very own Christmas piano medley. ‘Pianodoc82’ is not a professional pianist and is in fact a paediatric neuroradiology fellow in Washington DC. His Youtube videos are great and show us that even if you’re not a professional pianist haven’t had any large amount (or any at all) professional pianistic tuition, you can still do wonderful things with a piano.

Play a Christmas medley this year

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A surprise from Goldie Lookin Chain

This week in piano news, something somewhat unexpected has happened. A rapper from a group called Goldie Lookin Chain has written a 17-track album called Piano Solos under the name ‘Rhys from GLC’. Goldie Lookin Chain is a controversial rap group from Wales, famous for titles such as Your Missus is a Nutter, and Half Man Half Machine. Goldie Lookin Chain and the new piano album Continue reading “A surprise from Goldie Lookin Chain”

The Weeknd Starts Here

The Weeknd is something we all look forward to so what better way to celebrate it than listening to the man himself. Whether it’s Saturday or Sunday this smooth-talking artist delivers the musical goodies any day of the week with his seductive, semi-whispered vocals surrounded by a signatory guitar, digital piano, bass and drums. Raised in Canada, The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye performs under the stylistic umbrella of PBR&B; alternative R&B by any other name and this Friday-born child is more than ‘’loving and giving’’ with a generous-hearted repertoire that includes the lusciously-delivered ‘’Wicked Games’’. With his recently heightened exposure singing ‘’Earned It’’ in ‘’50 Shades Of Grey’’ The Weeknd has certainly come out on top as his quivering falsetto vocals, slow-moving digital piano chords and slurred lower strings have us lost for words…The Weeknd Starts Here Continue reading “The Weeknd Starts Here”

Adam Faith – Bay-Beh

Adam Faith would have been celebrating his 75th birthday today and as a teen idol in the ‘60s everyday was a party. Adam Faith was known for his ‘Bay-beh’ pronunciations and hiccup-styled lyrical delivery which together with John Barry’s mammoth musical arrangements made for a heady combination. ‘What Do You Want?’ was one signatory track that highlighted the Adam Faith trademark and was cleverly crafted with Barry’s pizzicato string scoring to echo the Adam Faith’s vocal mannerism. As part of the Faith entourage a full orchestral backing rather than a minimalistic line-up of guitars, digital piano and kit was also usual brimming with featured strings. John Barry always inclined towards scale – so never ye of little faith here!Adam Faith - Bay-Beh! Continue reading “Adam Faith – Bay-Beh”

Peter And Gordon – Loved And Then Some

As Peter And Gordon will tell you; the rolling ‘60s was not ‘a world without love’. The duo’s 1964 single of the same title was cosily sandwiched between two other chart hits of the same pop ilk; the Beatles ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ & the Searchers ‘Don’t Throw Your Love Away’ where Peter And Gordon enjoyed their own little piece of the British Invasion jigsaw.

A World Without Love’ was a Lennon-McCartney signatory scored as a pop track with a folkish bent as the Peter And Gordon accompanied on acoustic guitar, digital piano and drum kit. Their soft vocal execution and dour lyrical content made for an easy-listening sound that added to the diverse pop repertoire of the day and just as Lennon had reportedly nodded in amusement to the first line of McCartney’s lyrics ‘‘Please lock me away’’ so the memory of Peter And Gordon is locked away as a piece of precious pop.Peter And Gordon – Loved And Then Some Continue reading “Peter And Gordon – Loved And Then Some”

Sir Paul McCartney MBE – Still Flying High

Yesterday Sir Paul McCartney MBE celebrated his 73rd birthday. He hasn’t lost his musical wings and is still flying high as the self-made musician swooped from lowly Liverpool roots to multi-millionaire but knows all the glory still can’t buy him love. As a talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Sir Paul McCartney started out on life’s journey with little more than help from his friends and today this Beatle prefers performing in a more minimalistic setting as a soloist. He can be still be seen with guitar in hand or seated at his digital piano performing past and present repertoire and though his music spans the decades – he is no walrus and is still flying high.Sir Paul McCartney MBE – Still Flying High Continue reading “Sir Paul McCartney MBE – Still Flying High”

Lamont Dozier – The Man Behind Motown

Lamont Dozier is the man behind the music when it comes to Motown. Today he celebrates his 74th birthday, we look back on his standing as an iconic singer –songwriter and record producer who wrote and co-wrote a multitude of hits. He reeled off songs like a Motown machine in the 60s and helped artists like Phil Collins and Alison Moyet rise in the ‘80s due to his song-writing input to sounds like ’Two Hearts’ and ‘Invisible’ respectively. Lamont Dozier knew all about how to tug at heart strings with his emotive lyrics and enchanting digital piano melodies; all packaged in a musical styling that sped to the top of the charts. Perhaps he should be known as lament rather than Lamont Dozier…Lamont Dozier – The Man Behind Motown Continue reading “Lamont Dozier – The Man Behind Motown”