Fruit Piano…

This month, digital pianos have taken another turn towards weirdville with yet another Raspberry Pi related venture. There have already been several weird and wonderful fruit related Raspberry Pi ventures before this month’s video release, and clearly new advancements with Raspberry Pis are going to people’s heads. Although the results are somewhat amusing, having a digital piano made of fruit is less than practical (unless you have the soul intenet of being a Youtube wonder)… Fruit piano Continue reading “Fruit Piano…”

The Quaver is here!

Say hello to the Quaver!

Since the amazing advancements in digital pianos have come on leaps and bounds, the popularity of the battered old upright piano has dwindled. It is so much more practical to invest in an electronic piano as opposed to a traditional upright, but apparently they still have their odd little space in society. Everyone knows someone who has one sitting in a dusty corner of the house, not being played – and on the rare occasion someone dares to get close enough to it to have a play, it turns out the thing is grossly out of tune as a result of it having not been tuned for the past thirty years, and probably has a nest of mice inside. In short, old upright pianos have become a novelty that can mainly be found in your grandma’s house, or old pubs that have ‘character’ (and bad beer).Quaver

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