The Perfect Piano for a Family on Holiday

The Perfect Piano for a Family on Holiday

If you are lucky enough to go on family holidays regularly or even holiday once a year, then you might want to consider a solution to your piano practising problems. When most families go away on their jaunts, they don’t even consider taking a piano with them. However, if someone in the family has a piano exam looming, it is never a good idea to miss days of precious practise time. Continue reading “The Perfect Piano for a Family on Holiday”

The Bubble Piano has been unveiled!

This month’s nutty science digital piano has been unveiled! Utterly ridiculous in comparison to a conventional digital piano or electronic keyboard that you might find in your front room, we are now faced with something that has been dubbed a ‘ Bubble Piano ’. Of course, fascinating as these new innovations in digital pianos are, if you are looking for a beautiful instrument to adorn your house with, you should probably keep looking (try something like the Chase P-40 or the Chase CDP-350)…

Bubble piano in action


Continue reading “The Bubble Piano has been unveiled!”