Game soundtracks ahoy!

Say hello to the rise of game soundtracks!!

It is impossible not to notice that in the world of classical music, game soundtracks are starting to take over, especially among the younger generations. Gamers across the world are reaching a new level of appreciation for classical music with the release of game soundtracks from the world’s leading orchestras and conducters. For video game fans, Final Fantasy VII’s One Winged Angel, The Legend of Zelda’s Overworld Theme and the Mario Ground Theme (along with a whole load of other fantastic Nintendo themes) hold the same power and appreciation as Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, Mozart’s The Magic Flute and Strauss’, and Wagner’s Rhinegold for all classical music enthusiasts.


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The Quaver is here!

Say hello to the Quaver!

Since the amazing advancements in digital pianos have come on leaps and bounds, the popularity of the battered old upright piano has dwindled. It is so much more practical to invest in an electronic piano as opposed to a traditional upright, but apparently they still have their odd little space in society. Everyone knows someone who has one sitting in a dusty corner of the house, not being played – and on the rare occasion someone dares to get close enough to it to have a play, it turns out the thing is grossly out of tune as a result of it having not been tuned for the past thirty years, and probably has a nest of mice inside. In short, old upright pianos have become a novelty that can mainly be found in your grandma’s house, or old pubs that have ‘character’ (and bad beer).Quaver

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Gershwin and the digital piano

Believe it or not, it was a digital piano that helped inspire the legendary George Gershwin to play. However, it was not a digital piano as we know them today, but it was an electronic piano with a self-playing feature so as it could be programmed to play pieces without the instruction of a player. It is absurd and somewhat amazing to think how it was a digital piano that inspired someonw who is arguably America’s finest who was born in 1898. Gershwin at piano Continue reading “Gershwin and the digital piano”

More Monster Pianos!!!

This week in digital piano news is yet another story revolving around a monster piano like the one in the film Big. A music teacher from America has decided that as an effective learning tool, it is a great idea to have a Monster Piano in his front room. Monster piano! Continue reading “More Monster Pianos!!!”

The Big piano hits Iowa!

At the Iowa Bettendorf Family Museum there is much hilarity to be had, as the iconic movie ‘ Big ’ is seemingly coming to life after the installation of a giant floor digital piano. Continue reading “The Big piano hits Iowa!”

Beautiful mosaic piano takes to the streets of Leeds!

Meet Otley’s mosaic piano! As a spin off to the world famous ‘Play Me I’m Yours’ street piano movement a simply stunning piano was created. Unlike the other street pianos, a huge amount of time and effort went into decorating this masterpiece and the whole piano was turned into a mosaic masterpiece by Mosaic artist Frances Taylor. After having been on display in Leeds for a while, the piano has returned to its original home of Otley where it has now joined the other pianos that were put out on the street at the same time to celebrate the Leeds International Piano Competition.Mosaic Piano Continue reading “Beautiful mosaic piano takes to the streets of Leeds!”

Antique Piano Moving in Cambridge

An interesting piece of piano news has popped up this week; an antique piano worth around the margin of £65,000 that has been stuck inside a listed building on Cambridge’s most famous street for many moons has been airlifted to safety before hundreds of charity runners were due to tear past the building. The whole scenario sounded like a recipe for utter disaster, but fortunately, the staff dealing with the event managed to avoid any Chuckle Brothers type mishap, when they had to remove an antique piano from a first-floor window. A team of eight specialist piano removers worked tirelessly for four hours to complete their daunting mission, all in the knowledge that if they didn’t complete it in time they would have the added pressure of the Chariots of Fire charity racers to contend with, as they pelted down King’s Parade. Gallery owner Jeremy Waller told the news of how the unusual sight attracted scores of onlookers, as the removal team used a crane to take the piano out from the room of the 1920s building. Cambridge Piano Removal Continue reading “Antique Piano Moving in Cambridge”

ABBA piano expected to fetch £800k

ABBA’s Dancing Queen

The famous ABBA piano that was used in the creation of ABBA’s Dancing Queen (and is responsible for that famous glissando that starts the whole song off) is going up for auction next month at Sotheby’s. It’s going to be just one of a number of pieces of memorabilia going for auction in a ‘Rock and Pop’ auction and the piano is expected to fetch in the region of £800,000. This ABBA piano was designed by Georg Bolin and has come from Atlantis Grammofon which is the studio where ABBA recorded some of their hit songs back in 1976. This piano is said to have been the inspiration behind many of ABBA’s hit songs, which perhaps explains why there is such a hefty price tag!

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There’s no need to pay for piano tuning!

Although there will always be a place for analogue pianos in the world, it is gradually becoming less and less popular. With the rise of the digital piano, why would you necessarily want to pay a hefty sum for an analogue piano which then needs maintenance and tuning over the years, when you can pay a small Piano Tuningone-off fee for something that is both portable and reliable? Analogue pianos should generally be tuned at least once a year and this tends to set you back approximately £50 a pop. Newer pianos need tuning up to four times a year, and with the cost of the new piano itself, the whole package is likely to cost at least several thousand pounds in the first few years (although obviously this is largely dependent on the caliber of

the piano you choose).

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