Tokio Myers does wonders for the piano

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with your pop culture for the past few years then you might have missed out on Tokio Myers. The winner of the UK’s hit show Britain’s Got Talent has certainly made a stir. Make sure your digital piano is handy because you might find inspiration is about to hit! Continue reading “Tokio Myers does wonders for the piano”

Express yourself through Music

Have you ever struggled to express yourself? Emotionally or otherwise, sometimes it can be hard to convey your feelings to others. If you can relate to this then consider trying to express youself through music. A digital piano can help you on this journey of expression. Continue reading “Express yourself through Music”

Does your pet sing along to your piano playing?

Social media is littered with videos of pets. Some of these pet videos involve music and musical instruments. Continue reading “Does your pet sing along to your piano playing?”

Share your music with the digital piano hashtag

Have you ever created beautiful music on your Chase digital piano but not been sure how to share it? Those days are over with the digital piano hashtag on social media! Continue reading “Share your music with the digital piano hashtag”

Honour Nature with a Digital Piano Composition

If you have been keeping up with recent classical music releases then you will know that there have recently been a lot of compositions surrounding nature. Many musicians do what they do best to honour nature – they compose. You can follow their lead at home with your digital piano. Continue reading “Honour Nature with a Digital Piano Composition”

Play Ariana Grande on your digital piano

It is hard not to have been moved by the events in Manchester over the past week, and by Ariana Grande ‘s response. People of all ages have been gathering in the city centre to pay tribute to the devastating events of the city one year ago. Many tributes have been paid in honour of those who tragically lost their lives, and there is no reason why you cannot pay tribute at home on your own digital piano. Here at Chase Direct, we have been very close to the events as we are Manchester based. We would like to encourage people to create their own tributes. Continue reading “Play Ariana Grande on your digital piano”

Digital Piano Inspiration from Richard Deering

Your latest digital piano inspiration will be coming to Oxfordshire tomorrow morning. Richard Deering will be playing six pieces for piano and you will be itching to go home and play your Chase piano by the end of the concert! Continue reading “Digital Piano Inspiration from Richard Deering”

Plug in your Chase Piano this Half Term

Now that half term has started, you might be thinking about things to do. Something you may not have considered is playing your Chase piano and whiling the minutes, hours, and days away playing some of your favourite tunes. Continue reading “Plug in your Chase Piano this Half Term”

Practise Your Chase Piano with Headphone Compatibility

One of the most popular features of any digital piano is the headphone compatibility. This amazing feature is unique to electric pianos and is an absolute winner for many individuals and families. Continue reading “Practise Your Chase Piano with Headphone Compatibility”