What is a Piano Sanctuary?

What is a Piano Sanctuary?

With so many advancements in piano technology, many people are opting to replace their acoustic instruments with an electric piano. These people who have decided to invest in an electronic piano are then faced with the problem of what to do with the old one. While in the UK we have a few options (donation to the Play Me I’m Yours movement, or trying to sell on Gumtree), Australia have come up with something else – the Piano Sanctuary. Continue reading “What is a Piano Sanctuary?”

Another Cover From Peter Bence

Another Cover From Peter Bence

This post is written following on from a post yesterday about Peter Bence and his recent rise to Youtube fame. Bence is known for effectively messing around with pianos and doing bizarre things to the exposed hammers and strings. However, there are also some covers of famous songs on his Youtube channel which prove he can also play the piano entirely normally. Continue reading “Another Cover From Peter Bence”

Finding a Holiday Home on Airbnb with a Piano

Finding a Holiday Home with a Piano

Have you ever wanted to go away on holiday, but been aware of your impending piano exam on your return? Surely having a piano at your Airbnb holiday destination would be an excellent solution which would allow you to enjoy your holiday while still squeezing in a little much needed piano preparation. Continue reading “Finding a Holiday Home on Airbnb with a Piano”

Piano Factory Tours

Piano Factory Tours

At Chase Direct you can find an amazing range of top quality digital pianos from various brands including Chase’s own brand, Yamaha, and Kawai. Interestingly, both Yamaha and Kawai offer factory tours where you can go and see where the magic happens and watch the process of a piano being built. Continue reading “Piano Factory Tours”

Piano Day

This year there are many events happening to celebrate Piano Day including piano concerts, showcases and even piano themed baking! The celebrations will take place on the 88th day of the year to celebrate the number of keys found on a piano – this year it happens to be on the 29th March and preparations are already well underway! Continue reading “Piano Day”

Why You Should Use a Stool at Your Piano

For whatever reason, countless piano players and enthusiasts in the UK do not use a piano stool to sit at when they play their piano or digital piano. Perhaps the height adjusting mechanism in their stool broke, perhaps their old stool was slightly wonky, or maybe it was just uncomfortable. Usually, the answer to any of these problems for most people would be to ditch the stool and simply borrow a chair from the dining room. Seems simple enough and surely there is no harm in sitting at a dining chair to play the piano, right?  Wrong! Continue reading “Why You Should Use a Stool at Your Piano”

The Importance of Scales

Scales – the bane of every pianist’s life

At some point in every classical pianist’s life, they have been faced with scales. From a simple C major scale to fiendish chromatic scales in minor thirds, we all have to do them if we want to pass our piano exams with flying colours, but why?
Continue reading “The Importance of Scales”

Getting a Piano to the Sky Bar

If you have ever been to a ‘ sky bar ’ and seen a piano up there, you will probably have wondered how on earth it came to be there. A Sky Bar, as hinted at in the name, is usually on the top floor of a tall building, and many large cities have one. In the UK there are multiple such bars in Manchester, Birmingham, and London. They all host cocktail and jazz nights regularly, so there is usually a need for a grand piano to create the most authentic atmosphere for the occasion. Continue reading “Getting a Piano to the Sky Bar”

The Grand Chicken Sonata…

The French Composer Igorrr let his pet chicken perform at a mini digital piano in his enormous garden; this incredibly whacky idea was actually quite interesting in the end!

The Composer carefully laid chicken seeds on top of the digital piano keys and let nature take its course! A video was posted online of the spritely chicken pecking joyously at the keys in the gorgeous sun French sun.

Image result for chicken plays piano igorrr

The chicken was obviously rather perplexed at the concept in the first few moments (…as we all were) but after a few nibbles of the seeds and on hearing his remarkable melody he really got into it; a virtuoso chicken graces the earth!

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John Legend teaches Daughter how to play Piano

John Legend has the making of a child prodigy with his daughter of five months old named Luna Simone.

The singer showed a really special snapchat story on Thursday 6th October of him and his beautiful child playing a mini electric keyboard. Luna gracefully played the electric piano carefully and the joy on her face was a treat to watch.

Image result for john legend at piano

Legend recognises how important it is to teach young children a musical instrument from an early age but to also ensure the child enjoys this. Science has proven that learning how to read and play music is a fantastic way of encouraging brain development.

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