Fur Elise Justin Bieber Fever

The internet has been going wild with the news that Justin Bieber has been playing ‘classical piano’. Although this is clearly an incredibly loose term being applied here, it appears that Bieber was indeed spotted playing (or at least, trying to play) Beethoven’s Fur Elise. Apparently the whole rendition was recognisable, but certainly not good.


Bieber plays the piano


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Tips and tricks for buying a digital piano this year!

This year a digital piano will make a brilliant gift for anyone, and you are still in plenty of time to order one in time for Christmas! The question is, where to start?! The whole process of buying an electric piano can be very daunting (especially if you’re buying it for someone else, not yourself) if you’re not sure what to look for!!

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Want to update your piano this New Year?

As it’s coming round to the new year, many people are thinking about new things they can do and buy, and there are people out there who are now considering upgrading their battered old upright piano for the new year. After all, new year, new start, right?!


Buy a new piano this new year

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Does Mr Claus Play the Piano?

Have you ever wondered what Santa does on the other 364 days of the year? Well, it transpires that he might well be a superb pianist.


Mr Claus at a piano


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Play a Christmas Medley this December

If you want to add a little bit of class this holiday season, then perhaps you might like to follow in the footsteps of ‘pianodoc82’ and create your very own Christmas piano medley. ‘Pianodoc82’ is not a professional pianist and is in fact a paediatric neuroradiology fellow in Washington DC. His Youtube videos are great and show us that even if you’re not a professional pianist haven’t had any large amount (or any at all) professional pianistic tuition, you can still do wonderful things with a piano.

Play a Christmas medley this year

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Einstein and his piano

When one thinks of Einstein and music, the brain automatically flits to the thought of a violin being bowed at in a very Sherlock Holmes-esque way and chamber music, but rarely do we think of Einstein at the piano! He was well known for beign a violinist and lover of baroque and chamber music, but as it turns out (somewhat unsurprisingly) he was also a rather passionate pianist. Records to support how good a pianist Einstein actually was are unfortunately few and far between (especially since there was so much allied bombing in the relevant places during the war), but the biggest piece of evidence we have to suggest Einstein’s prowess on the ivories is his old piano.

Einstein and his piano

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Bond on the piano


As expected, the latest James Bond film has been a box office smash hit and has exceeded all expectations. Daniel Craig has proved for the fourth time that he is an excellent bond and well suited to the role in the new film, Spectre! As expected, the new theme tune is something to be marvelled at. Sam Smith has really pulled it out of the bag with the new Bond theme.

Sam Smith Bond Theme

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Music for Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday

As time goes by, we find that there is more and more music dedicated to those who lost their lives at war. With it being Remembrance Day today, it seems like as good a time as any to delve into the world of remembrance music.

Remembrance Sunday


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Chase go to China!

This week the management team from Chase Direct have jetted off to China to investigate the current music scene. Music China is part of the Shanghai Show which compromises of both Music China and Sound Shanghai. The event has seen 1,775 exhibitors from a grand total of 29 different countries and regions. A huge range of instruments from all over the world are on display across nine huge, hanger-sized halls which makes over 98,000 square metres of exhibition space. Exhibitors from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, and Taiwan are exhibiting in eleven international pavilions. Not only is there a colossus amount of musical instruments on display, but also there are lectures and seminars available for guests to offer visitors an insight into the pace of the current musical instrument industry.Music China Continue reading “Chase go to China!”

Yet another space piano


Earlier this year there was yet another space age piano designed and produced, which has now seemingly slinked away into the background. The Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi designed this weird looking instrument and named it after himself (obviously…) and the tag line was “Sound Beyond Time” which nobody knows the meaning of (quite possibly not even Bogányi himself). Unlike a lot of the other bizarre digital ‘pianos’ appearing in the news this year, this piano is actually a physical object rather than a substance (effectively star metadata) being carried forward into something that can translate the data into a sound. An article released a few months ago very aptly described the piano as something that ‘looks like a swooshy reinterpretation of the piano form, a bit like a Steinway reimagined by Umberto Boccioni’.Space piano Continue reading “Yet another space piano”