Prepare for the Piano Movie stint this Christmas!


It’s getting to that time of the year when every single channel on the television is showing all of our favourite films, so brace yourself! Everyone’s favourites will be showing, probably headed by the likes of the Harry Potter series and Sound of Music.. But last year I noticed something interesting. There were a fair few piano movies showing! Now, while something like perhaps The Piano is completely understandable to show at Christmas, as it has a nice little Christmas scene in it and the obligatory happy ending, last year between Christmas and New Year there was a television showing of The Pianist! Not exactly the most jolly piano movie…

Piano Movie




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Bond on the piano


As expected, the latest James Bond film has been a box office smash hit and has exceeded all expectations. Daniel Craig has proved for the fourth time that he is an excellent bond and well suited to the role in the new film, Spectre! As expected, the new theme tune is something to be marvelled at. Sam Smith has really pulled it out of the bag with the new Bond theme.

Sam Smith Bond Theme

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Chase go to China!

This week the management team from Chase Direct have jetted off to China to investigate the current music scene. Music China is part of the Shanghai Show which compromises of both Music China and Sound Shanghai. The event has seen 1,775 exhibitors from a grand total of 29 different countries and regions. A huge range of instruments from all over the world are on display across nine huge, hanger-sized halls which makes over 98,000 square metres of exhibition space. Exhibitors from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, and Taiwan are exhibiting in eleven international pavilions. Not only is there a colossus amount of musical instruments on display, but also there are lectures and seminars available for guests to offer visitors an insight into the pace of the current musical instrument industry.Music China Continue reading “Chase go to China!”

Benedetti takes the UK by storm

Today seems to be a day for violins in music news. Nicola Benedetti has hit the headlines with news that her UK tour was a sell out.

Nicola Benedetti

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Song Siheng releases cat recital!


Not for the first time, a cat has acted as the inspiration for a piano recital. With cats being such a huge internet sensation it isn’t really surprising that they are now taking over the online music scene as well. With the rise of celebrity cat superstars, and cat cafes, next thing we know cats will be taking over the world.Song Siheng Continue reading “Song Siheng releases cat recital!”

Myleene Klass and her digital piano go to Mog Mog

Myleene Klass made headlines in digital piano news last week with her rendition of Michael Nyman’s theme from the cult film, The Piano, which she played on the beach of the tribal rainforest island Mog Mog. The islanders had had little or no contact with western culture before Myleene Klass turned up with her digital grand piano, and none of them had ever come into contact with one before, let alone played one. Myleene Klass was the first in a series of musicians to go to the island of Mog Mog for the filming of Watch channel’s series, entitled Singing in the Rainforest which follows famous musicians travelling to tribal islands and creating musical collaborations.Myleene Klass in Mog Mog Continue reading “Myleene Klass and her digital piano go to Mog Mog”

Farewell to the Last Dam Busters Pilot

This week is a sad week for Britain as the last Dam Busters pilot has died, just a day after the untimely death of Liverpudilan pop legend, Cilla Black.

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Sir Paul McCartney MBE – Still Flying High

Yesterday Sir Paul McCartney MBE celebrated his 73rd birthday. He hasn’t lost his musical wings and is still flying high as the self-made musician swooped from lowly Liverpool roots to multi-millionaire but knows all the glory still can’t buy him love. As a talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Sir Paul McCartney started out on life’s journey with little more than help from his friends and today this Beatle prefers performing in a more minimalistic setting as a soloist. He can be still be seen with guitar in hand or seated at his digital piano performing past and present repertoire and though his music spans the decades – he is no walrus and is still flying high.Sir Paul McCartney MBE – Still Flying High Continue reading “Sir Paul McCartney MBE – Still Flying High”

East 17 – Making It Alright

East 17 is making it all alright with their dance pop hit of the ‘90s. The mighty hit of previous decades has made a comeback courtesy of mobile giant ‘3’; whose present campaign transcends from ‘’when stuff sucks’’ to making it right. Fronted by muppet Jackson, the little purple guy goes from rain to shine as it gets it on with the East 17 track. ‘It’s Alright’ undergoes a metamorphosis from waning digital piano ballad to an energetic dance off as Jackson regains his street cred and all is well with the world.  East 17 - Making It Alright Continue reading “East 17 – Making It Alright”

They Might Be Giants – A Tall Story

John Linnell, one half of the alternative rock duo They Might Be Giants celebrates his birthday today. I can’t say if he’s the better half or less but 1982 brought us this experimental pair with the other half being John Flansburgh. They Might Be Giants delved primarily into different strains of rock and showed a penchant for children’s music with enigmatic tracks like ‘Birdhouse In Your Soul’ and ‘Boss of Me’. Over time the twosome graduated from the minimalistic use of a lowly drum machine to a backing band consisting of sax, accordion, guitar, digital piano, bass and drums. And so the somewhat quirky mix of They Might Be Giants was thus born and thrives today having filled their very large boots with a ginormous repertoire of albums, media soundtracks and children’s books.They Might Be Giants – A Tall Story Continue reading “They Might Be Giants – A Tall Story”