Nanette Stein and her Pianos

Following international women’s day earlier this month, a series of articles have been published across the world commenting on women in the music industry. In the classical world, women musicians are still a relatively new phenomenon. Women composers and conductors are still scarce, although they are definitely on the rise. Read on to find out about Nannette Stein’s story.

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Keith Jarrett and his Broken Piano

Keith Jarrett and his Broken Piano

For anyone who doesn’t know, Keith Jarrett is responsible for one of the world’s most successful jazz albums; The Köln Concert which was produced back in 1975 and quickly became the best-selling piano recording in history. He is still making music today and is widely considered to be one of the best jazz men of all time. Continue reading “Keith Jarrett and his Broken Piano”

Another Cover From Peter Bence

Another Cover From Peter Bence

This post is written following on from a post yesterday about Peter Bence and his recent rise to Youtube fame. Bence is known for effectively messing around with pianos and doing bizarre things to the exposed hammers and strings. However, there are also some covers of famous songs on his Youtube channel which prove he can also play the piano entirely normally. Continue reading “Another Cover From Peter Bence”

Finding a Holiday Home on Airbnb with a Piano

Finding a Holiday Home with a Piano

Have you ever wanted to go away on holiday, but been aware of your impending piano exam on your return? Surely having a piano at your Airbnb holiday destination would be an excellent solution which would allow you to enjoy your holiday while still squeezing in a little much needed piano preparation. Continue reading “Finding a Holiday Home on Airbnb with a Piano”

Pianists of the World – Lang Lang

Pianists of the World – Lang Lang

At just 35 years old, Lang Lang is one of the greatest names in modern piano history. He was born in China and it was an episode of the popular cartoon Tom and Jerry  (which features Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2) that inspired young Lang Lang to pursue playing the piano. He then went on to study the piano with with Professor Zhu Ya-Fen at age three. Just two years later at the age of five, Lang Lang went on to win first place in his first piano competition.

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Piano Day

This year there are many events happening to celebrate Piano Day including piano concerts, showcases and even piano themed baking! The celebrations will take place on the 88th day of the year to celebrate the number of keys found on a piano – this year it happens to be on the 29th March and preparations are already well underway! Continue reading “Piano Day”

Prepare for the Piano Movie stint this Christmas!


It’s getting to that time of the year when every single channel on the television is showing all of our favourite films, so brace yourself! Everyone’s favourites will be showing, probably headed by the likes of the Harry Potter series and Sound of Music.. But last year I noticed something interesting. There were a fair few piano movies showing! Now, while something like perhaps The Piano is completely understandable to show at Christmas, as it has a nice little Christmas scene in it and the obligatory happy ending, last year between Christmas and New Year there was a television showing of The Pianist! Not exactly the most jolly piano movie…

Piano Movie




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Bond on the piano


As expected, the latest James Bond film has been a box office smash hit and has exceeded all expectations. Daniel Craig has proved for the fourth time that he is an excellent bond and well suited to the role in the new film, Spectre! As expected, the new theme tune is something to be marvelled at. Sam Smith has really pulled it out of the bag with the new Bond theme.

Sam Smith Bond Theme

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Chase go to China!

This week the management team from Chase Direct have jetted off to China to investigate the current music scene. Music China is part of the Shanghai Show which compromises of both Music China and Sound Shanghai. The event has seen 1,775 exhibitors from a grand total of 29 different countries and regions. A huge range of instruments from all over the world are on display across nine huge, hanger-sized halls which makes over 98,000 square metres of exhibition space. Exhibitors from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, and Taiwan are exhibiting in eleven international pavilions. Not only is there a colossus amount of musical instruments on display, but also there are lectures and seminars available for guests to offer visitors an insight into the pace of the current musical instrument industry.Music China Continue reading “Chase go to China!”

Benedetti takes the UK by storm

Today seems to be a day for violins in music news. Nicola Benedetti has hit the headlines with news that her UK tour was a sell out.

Nicola Benedetti

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