Conservatoires in Times of War

Conservatoires in Times of War

A fascinating new exhibition has been announced recently. The exhibition is entitled ‘Conservatoires in Times of War’ and is being produced as a collaborative effort from both the Royal Northern College of Music, and the Consevatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (otherwise known as Paris Conservatoire). Continue reading “Conservatoires in Times of War”

Holiday Concerts – Time for Some Extra Culture

Holiday Concerts

When most of us go on holiday we have a few things on the agenda. Perhaps exploring the local museums and galleries, or maybe sitting on a beach and sampling the local beers and other regional delicacies. We all have our preferences! Something very few holiday making Brits abroad actually do is investigate the local concert scene! Continue reading “Holiday Concerts – Time for Some Extra Culture”

Add a Little Class to Your Day With a Piano Bar

Add a Little Class to Your Day With a Piano Bar

If you are a big fan of having the occasional night on the town, and also enjoy piano music, then have you considered having a night of both? Of course, you could attend a concert in a concert hall, and then go out on the town for a few drinks (and then party into the night if you are so inclined…)… but there is a much more interesting option – a piano bar.

Piano Bars

Back in the 1920s, piano bars were all the rage. Whether it was an underground speakeasy with a jazz pianist in the corner, or a more up-market establishment with a pianist on a grand piano in the middle of the room, piano bars were a popular phenomenon.

Due to the growth in technology, pianists were gradually replaced by radios, DJs, and iTunes playlists. At the turn of the twentieth century, only the establishments for the elite still had pianists providing the background music. These were the fanciest bars in London and Paris where you wouldn’t be allowed in unless you had a Coutts bank account and at least £50,000 of diamonds around your neck.

Piano Bar

Today, piano bars are having a comeback. There is probably at least one in at least every major city, and they aren’t necessarily just for the elite. Of course, there are some more exclusive members only piano bars such as The Piano Bar in Soho London, but there are also much more accessible options to the masses. The Victoria and Albert Museum in Kensington, London have a beautiful canteen and dining area where there is a grand piano. This piano is often being played by talented pianists to provide music which will take you back a century or two, like a kind of time machine! All you need to experience this beautiful concept of live piano background music is buy yourself a drink and find a seat.

Turn Your Front Room into a Piano Bar

If you dabble in piano playing yourself (or if you are a seasoned professional) then it wouldn’t take much to turn your own front room into a piano bar. All you need to do is invest in a piano and a bottle of gin, and then invite some friends round. Should you need a piano for such an occasion then start your search at Chase Direct. At Chase Direct you can find a wide array of digital pianos and there is something to suit every need. If you have any questions about any of the electric pianos stocked then give the piano team a call to discuss!

Piano for the Paris Attacks


As everyone will beware at this point, this week Paris saw some horrific terrorist attacks. What a lot of people will not know, however, is that in this time of despair and panic, one man wheeled his piano out into the centre of Paris to spread the message of peace and love. Many think that he is a madman, and perhaps he is, to put himself in such a dangerous and compromising position, but through his piano he certainly managed to do as he intended. He amassed a crowd quickly, all of whom appreciated what he was doing and urged him to go on as his actions were exactly what the city needed at that moment in time.

Paris piano

Continue reading “Piano for the Paris Attacks”