Back in the 1980s when Chase Music was something of an organ specialist, they held a number of promotional events surrounding organs and synthesisers, like the Family Organ Exhibition in 1986 as advertised below! Today, although Chase do not stock organs any more, there is a range of digital pianos with organ features and functions. Many top of the range electronic pianos come with electronic organ voices that can be easily switched between. Both the Chase P-40 and the Chase P-55 have organ voices and functions that are great fun to play with!!

One Day Only

This Sunday 18th September 1986 10am – 4pm




Chase Music 10th Anniversary – 1986

Chase 10th Anniversary – 1986

Chase Music 10 year anniversary

Chase music has been up and running now for nearly 40 years and the deals on offer are better than ever! As part of the 10 year anniversary celebrations back in 1986 Chase had unbeatable offers on organs, synthesizers, and digital pianos which were all world-famous. A page spread in the popular Melody Maker newspaper outlined just some of the incredible deals on offer at the time, including a Chase baby grand piano for £499, and a Chase DP30 for £299! Along with the purchase of any of the instruments on offer in this particular advert, a free stay in a hotel was also on offer!!

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Organs from Chase Music!

Although Chase Music now specialises in digital pianos and portable keyboards – in the 1980s things were a little different and the speciality was more focussed on and around synthesizers and organs, which were all the rage at the time. As well as selling top brand electric organs such as the Crumar 915, Crumar 920, and the Crumar 2003, Chase sold a range of top end own brand electric organs of outstanding quality and at amazingly competitive prices.



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Organs from Chase

Although Chase Music is now known for its speciality in electric pianos and portable keyboards, this hasn’t always been the case. Throughout the 70s and 80s Chase Music specialised Organ advertmainly in synthesisers, but also had a range of excellent organs. A number of outstanding deals were offered to try to encourage keen musicians to learn to play this fantastic instrument. A predecessor of the modern electronic piano, the electric organ boasted a number of features that are incredibly similar to Chase’s line of digital pianos today.

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