Nigel Kennedy Could be your Digital Piano Inspiration

Last week the famous violinist, Nigel Kennedy played a magnificent set in Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall. He included pieces in his set list which would make excellent inspiration for your digital piano playing. A Chase digital piano would be the perfect instrument on which to let your creative juices flow! Continue reading “Nigel Kennedy Could be your Digital Piano Inspiration”

Nigel Kennedy hits Manchester

Today, Manchester’s music scene is graced with the pleasure of the utter nutcase that is Nigel Kennedy. In the classical music world this man has been causing a stir for years, and shows absolutely no signs of stopping. Undoubtedly one of the greatest violinists in the world, Kennedy has been performing on the world’s most acclaimed stages for decades and tonight is coming to Bridgewater Hall. The programme is to include the Four Seasons alongside some of his own compositions. Nigel Kennedy


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