Kawai KDP-110 Digital Piano Review

The Brand New Model KDP 110 From Kawai

Following its release at NAMM this week, I have been lucky enough to have played the brand new Kawai digital piano – the KDP110. Having bought a Kawai KDP90 digital piano several years ago, I had exceptionally high expectations from the new model, seeing as the KDP-90 is such a fantastic all round instrument which has proved invaluable to me. It has been undoubtedly the best piano (digital or acoustic) that I have ever owned. The new model KDP-110 digital piano boasts a far more impressive list of features than its predecessor which was evident when playing the instrument. Here are just some of the highlights: Continue reading “Kawai KDP-110 Digital Piano Review”

Nobody to Duet with?

The problems of a duet

Go back in time, and if you wanted to duet Chopsticks or the Jamaican Rhumba, you had to find a time that was convenient for both you and your piano playing friend. Diaries had to be consulted and spare piano stools had to be sourced. While playing a piano duet is always fantastic fun, organising the time to do such an activity has always been a bit of a nightmare.  Fast forward to today, and thanks to the joy of digital pianos, you can play any duet any time of the day or night that tickles your fancy.

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