New Year, New Piano!

New Year, New Piano

As we enter 2018, many of us have made our New Year’s resolutions. Without a shadow of a doubt, some of those resolutions will be music related! Every year there are those among us who vow that they are going to learn a new musical instrument, and actually try to stick it out for the whole year (and beyond)! I wonder, how many of you have vowed to learn to play the piano?

 The best possible solution for beginning to learn the piano is to invest in a digital instrument. A digital piano or digital keyboard is a sound investment for a number of reasons, but here are the top three:

  1. No need to tune a digital piano!

One of the biggest costs involved in owning and maintaining an acoustic keyboard instrument is having it tuned. A lot of people don’t realise it, but pianos need to be tuned annually (even more for an old instrument) and the cost of this can be up to £150 a time. Investing in a digital piano or digital keyboard ensures that you will never incur tuning costs.

  1. Digital pianos are cheaper than acoustic pianos!

A good quality digital piano such as the brand new Kawai KDP-110 has everything you could possibly need in a piano, and comes at just a fraction of the price. A CDP-345 or similar Chase Direct digital piano has all of the features needed to see a learner through from grades one to eight and beyond!

  1. There is an abundance of additional features on a digital piano!

Most digital pianos come with extra piano voices, a metronome, and a recording function. Of course, none of these features can be found on an acoustic piano so if you wanted to make sure your playing was in time with a metronome, you would incur an extra cost!

An image of a chase digital piano

For many excellent value digital pianos, head over to Chase Direct to see the latest great digital piano deals and offers!

Want to update your piano this New Year?

As it’s coming round to the new year, many people are thinking about new things they can do and buy, and there are people out there who are now considering upgrading their battered old upright piano for the new year. After all, new year, new start, right?!


Buy a new piano this new year

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