Stepping Into The Light With Littlewoods

Into The Light ’ this year has replaced 2012’s ‘White Nights’ as the sound track for Littlewoods Christmas campaign. Amid the deep midwinter glow of lights and nights Myleene Klass uses her special Littlewoods touch to spread the load in your pocket and Santa’s sleigh. This Yuletide you’ll find our celebrity in Santa’s grotto dressed as a glamorous picker of Christmas delights from a ‘’Samsung Tab 3’’ for dad to ‘’something fancy’’ for mum. The soundtrack helps to make this Littlewoods promo an advert apart with music ‘’Into The Light’’sung by Arlissa it’s a touching scene at the push of a …finger!      Continue reading “Stepping Into The Light With Littlewoods”

Bottle It This Xmas

This Xmas ‘The Perfume Shop’ wants you to feel that warm glow. For their seasonal advertising campaign the discount smelly store has released a variety of promos all based on the same theme of get-up-and-go.To keep you on your toes Tommy Sparks and his pop song of 2009 ‘’She’s Got Me Dancing’’gets you in the mood to dance, fall in love or do what you do best. So with sparks flying and your life smelling sweet it can’t get any better than when you bottle it this Xmas. So while you’re busy earning Perfume Points let’s check out Tommy’s good points… Merry Xmas Continue reading “Bottle It This Xmas”

Nine Ladies Dancing On Your Digital Piano

Imagine that – nine ladies dancing on your digital piano! I hope you enjoyed celebrating New Year and ‘Auld Lang Syne’ rang out on the stroke of midnight.  The reference to Nine Ladies dancing is an integral part of our ‘Twelve Days Of Christmas’ song and today is it! Continue reading “Nine Ladies Dancing On Your Digital Piano”

Seven Swans Sail The New Year in On Your Digital Piano

Today, the last day of 2012 see ‘Seven Swans A-Swimming’. In our Twelve Days of Christmas run these represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Three of these named gifts are 3) teaching, 5) giving, and 6) leading. I hope that in the time these digital piano stories have been delivered to your door you have managed to apply their instruction to your keyboard and enjoyed fulfilling the three gifts mentioned above. Continue reading “Seven Swans Sail The New Year in On Your Digital Piano”

For The Sake Of … Your Digital Piano

Auld Lang Syne’ originated in Scotland as a poem written by Robert Burns in 1788. It is set to a traditional folk tune that can be played on your digital piano on New Year Eve. Most people the world know the melody but not the lyrics. So how about learning the first verse and chorus? Oh Yes! – ‘bring it on’ I hear you say…

‘Auld Lang Syne’ is significant in its use at Midnight on New Year’s Eve when everyone sings and dances this quant and little known folk song. The title translates as many variables dilutes down to ‘For Old Times Sake’. It is fairly easy to play so it is perfect when you are starting to learn to play the digital piano. Continue reading “For The Sake Of … Your Digital Piano”