A Merry Old Soul On The Digital Piano

Nat King Cole was merry old soul who was celebrated for his velvety baritone voice and dextrous digital piano skills. If still alive this reigning king of jazz would has been 94 years old. He was blessed with a calm and warm personality that rippled through the lyrics of every musical phrase. His deliver was perfectly executed making his romantic ballads all the evocative and appealing to the masses.

Frankly Only Topped By Sinatra

Nat King Cole was one of the first black Americans to host a TV show whose popularity was said to be topped only by Frank Sinatra. His repertoire is vast in encompassing the big band and jazz genres. Songs include his best known landmark track ‘’Unforgettable’’, ‘’Mona Lisa’’ and ‘’Autumn Leaves’’. Nat King Cole would often accompany his singing on the digital piano either in its entirety or with a big band line-up. Continue reading “A Merry Old Soul On The Digital Piano”