Finding a Holiday Home on Airbnb with a Piano

Finding a Holiday Home with a Piano

Have you ever wanted to go away on holiday, but been aware of your impending piano exam on your return? Surely having a piano at your Airbnb holiday destination would be an excellent solution which would allow you to enjoy your holiday while still squeezing in a little much needed piano preparation. Continue reading “Finding a Holiday Home on Airbnb with a Piano”

Piano Factory Tours

Piano Factory Tours

At Chase Direct you can find an amazing range of top quality digital pianos from various brands including Chase’s own brand, Yamaha, and Kawai. Interestingly, both Yamaha and Kawai offer factory tours where you can go and see where the magic happens and watch the process of a piano being built. Continue reading “Piano Factory Tours”

A New Piano From Steinway

Many people know that when it comes to acoustic grand pianos, Steinway is considered by most people to be the crème de la crème. Steinway pianos come with prestige and the name alone commands respect. Of course, there is a reason for this – Steinway pianos make an unbelievable sound and are crafted by expert piano makers. Continue reading “A New Piano From Steinway”

Digital Piano Speakers

Digital Piano Speakers

Acoustic and digital pianos produce their sounds in completely different ways. With an acoustic piano, as with any acoustic instrument, it’s all about the physical reactions – hammers hit strings inside the body of the piano, which then reverberate through the cabinet to produce the piano sound. Digital pianos, however, often use a simple set of speakers, which can struggle to project a convincing sound. Continue reading “Digital Piano Speakers”

The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys

Since their rise to fame a number of years ago, the Piano Guys have continued to release new songs and videos and their number of fans has continued to rise. They are currently underway with a US tour and many fans in the UK are hoping for the release of European tour dates in the near future. The Piano Guys continue to be one of the most popular classical and popular music mash up groups on the internet and hold much promise for the future. Continue reading “The Piano Guys”

Chase away the winter blues with a taste of Jamaica

Has your digital piano been neglected since you were playing Christmas carols on it back in December? If not, then why not have a go at playing some fun pieces this winter that will chase away the winter blues and bring a little warmth to your house? No piece of piano music will be quite as warm as the Jamaican Rumba by Arthur Benjamin which will literally transport listeners to the shores of Jamaica. Continue reading “Chase away the winter blues with a taste of Jamaica”

Nintendo Announce the Release of a Tiny Cardboard Piano for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch

Those of you who have kept up to date with the gaming industry will know that the Nintendo Switch has been a big hit since it hit the shops a year ago. Nintendo fans have not been disappointed by the console, which can be used as either a hand held console, or hooked up to a TV to be used with the controller. Classic games such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda have kept players occupied, but at the NAMM show last month, something new and exciting was released – the Nintendo Labo. The Labo is a kit whereby you can build your own miniature piano out of cardboard to slot your Nintendo Switch into. Continue reading “Nintendo Announce the Release of a Tiny Cardboard Piano for the Nintendo Switch”

Pianists of the World – Daniel Barenboim

Daniel Barenboim – an introduction

Today if you ask pianists and other accomplished musicians who they think are the top ten classical musicians of modern times, their lists are all bound to include the legendary Daniel Barenboim. Throughout his life time he has accomplished many great things both musically and politically and at the age of 75, he is showing no signs of stopping.

Continue reading “Pianists of the World – Daniel Barenboim”

The Differences Between a Digital Piano and a Keyboard

Do you know the difference between a digital piano and a keyboard?

Working in a piano shop for a number of years has made one thing desperately obvious to me: people don’t understand the differences between digital pianos and keyboards. I regularly talk to customers who tell me they need a keyboard because their child has just started to learn the piano at school. I usually probe a little further and find out what kind of piano the school has – the answer is almost always an acoustic upright piano.

A digital piano is the instrument that is actually needed, and there are a number of reasons why a keyboard is not a suitable instrument to practice the piano on, but here are the top two:

Continue reading “The Differences Between a Digital Piano and a Keyboard”

The Best for Piano Teachers

An ongoing debate among music and piano teachers is which piano is the best. Pupils will always go to their piano teachers for advice when looking to buy a new piano, but what kind of instrument do they tend to recommend? While purists will always recommend an acoustic instrument, this comes with many problems which has lead to an increasing number of teachers recommending digital pianos as the instrument of choice.

Continue reading “The Best for Piano Teachers”