Warming up in the Cold Weather

Warming Up in the Cold Weather

Warming up before playing the piano has never been more important than in this horrendously cold weather. Warming up is always important to get your fingers going – almost like a warm up before playing a sport. If you dive straight into playing the piano, especially if you are an accomplished player and start playing fiendishly fast or difficult pieces, you are likely to make mistakes and even cause damage to your fingers. In the cold weather, fingers are likely to be feeling stiff so giving them a god warm up is essential. Continue reading “Warming up in the Cold Weather”

Finding a Holiday Home on Airbnb with a Piano

Finding a Holiday Home with a Piano

Have you ever wanted to go away on holiday, but been aware of your impending piano exam on your return? Surely having a piano at your Airbnb holiday destination would be an excellent solution which would allow you to enjoy your holiday while still squeezing in a little much needed piano preparation. Continue reading “Finding a Holiday Home on Airbnb with a Piano”

Piano Factory Tours

Piano Factory Tours

At Chase Direct you can find an amazing range of top quality digital pianos from various brands including Chase’s own brand, Yamaha, and Kawai. Interestingly, both Yamaha and Kawai offer factory tours where you can go and see where the magic happens and watch the process of a piano being built. Continue reading “Piano Factory Tours”

A New Piano From Steinway

Many people know that when it comes to acoustic grand pianos, Steinway is considered by most people to be the crème de la crème. Steinway pianos come with prestige and the name alone commands respect. Of course, there is a reason for this – Steinway pianos make an unbelievable sound and are crafted by expert piano makers. Continue reading “A New Piano From Steinway”

Manchester United Announce the arrival of Alexis Sánchez with a Piano

Sporting fans will probably have seen the new video released by Manchester United last month to announce the arrival of newest player, Chilean Alexis Sánchez. The video cuts between showing Sánchez on the piano paying ‘Glory Glory Man United’ and him preparing for the pitch. There is no doubt that this announcement video from Manchester United is somewhat different and inspired. Continue reading “Manchester United Announce the arrival of Alexis Sánchez with a Piano”

Is your child a mini Mozart?


This week Britney Spears has uploaded several videos of one of her two sons playing the piano despite never having had a lesson in his life. In her caption she describes her son as a mini Mozart, and her young son is indeed making some pleasant sounds on the grand piano in the video, although not quite Mozart! Continue reading “Is your child a mini Mozart?”

Want a Grand Piano? Try the Chase CDP-345 Digital Piano

Have You Always Wanted a Grand Piano?

If your lifelong visions of owning your very own grand piano have been ruined by the small size of your home, the Chase CDP-345 Digital Piano could be the ultimate fit for you and your family. There is plenty of performance in this compact instrument, and it has been sampled from a top end grand piano, ensuring that you get the best possible sound. Judicious pianists will achieve the faithful acoustic tone and feel they are after with this wonderful electric piano to keep them inspired. Improving players and beginners will get all of the tools they need to progress; from high quality built in stereo speakers, a headphone jack, to a selection of different voices. The Chase CDP345 isn’t just designed to fit in your apartment, it is designed to fit your life, whatever stage you might be at and whatever your needs are. Continue reading “Want a Grand Piano? Try the Chase CDP-345 Digital Piano”

Play Me I’m Yours – Ten Years On

Play Me I’m Yours – The Movement

Ten years ago British Artist Luke Jerram started the sensational movement of the ‘ Play Me I’m Yours ’  pianos which can now be found all over the world. Ten years ago it was unclear if the movement would take off, but over the years it has become a raging success. Continue reading “Play Me I’m Yours – Ten Years On”

Nintendo Announce the Release of a Tiny Cardboard Piano for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch

Those of you who have kept up to date with the gaming industry will know that the Nintendo Switch has been a big hit since it hit the shops a year ago. Nintendo fans have not been disappointed by the console, which can be used as either a hand held console, or hooked up to a TV to be used with the controller. Classic games such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda have kept players occupied, but at the NAMM show last month, something new and exciting was released – the Nintendo Labo. The Labo is a kit whereby you can build your own miniature piano out of cardboard to slot your Nintendo Switch into. Continue reading “Nintendo Announce the Release of a Tiny Cardboard Piano for the Nintendo Switch”

Getting a Piano to the Sky Bar

If you have ever been to a ‘ sky bar ’ and seen a piano up there, you will probably have wondered how on earth it came to be there. A Sky Bar, as hinted at in the name, is usually on the top floor of a tall building, and many large cities have one. In the UK there are multiple such bars in Manchester, Birmingham, and London. They all host cocktail and jazz nights regularly, so there is usually a need for a grand piano to create the most authentic atmosphere for the occasion. Continue reading “Getting a Piano to the Sky Bar”