Piano festival returns to Liverpool!

The annual “tickle the ivories”  piano festival has once again returned to Liverpool, to the delight of hundreds of music lovers across the north west.

Liverpool tickle the ivories festival returns
tickling the ivories – crowd-pleasing piano festival returns to it’s home city of Liverpool

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Manchester-educated Pianist made CBE

Manchester educated Paul Lewis recieves honours
Manchester-educated Paul Lewis receives pretegious honours.

A Manchester educated pianist has made it onto the Queens 90th birthdays honour list. Continue reading “Manchester-educated Pianist made CBE”

The John Lennon Piano


35 years after the musical legend’s assassination, the ‘John Lennon Piano’ is going on display for the first time ever. The piano can be heard on a number of hit tracks including some collaborations with David Bowie and Elton John and is said to have been the source of inspiration for many Beatles songs. Walls and Bridges, and Double Fantasy are albums where the piano can be heard as well as on many other songs by Lennon. Lennon and Elton John Continue reading “The John Lennon Piano”