Pokemon pianist takes internet by storm

You have to be living under the rock if you haven’t heard about Pokemon Go! The recent  app, involving everybodys favourite 90’s cartoon monstors has taken the world by storm, and doesn’t it just keep on growing. Pokemons now even taking the internet by storm in the world of digital piano!

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Piano festival returns to Liverpool!

The annual “tickle the ivories”  piano festival has once again returned to Liverpool, to the delight of hundreds of music lovers across the north west.

Liverpool tickle the ivories festival returns
tickling the ivories – crowd-pleasing piano festival returns to it’s home city of Liverpool

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Cambridge pianist pioneers create a build-your-own-piano

In a revolutionary twist for piano pioneers everywhere, a company in Cambridge have just designed the worlds very first create-your-own-piano.


pioneers create worlds first create your own piano
A first for the world – a create-your-own piano







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Songs to the deaf using senses

Equality and sharing beauty to the deaf is the aim. A group of entrepreneurs in Sao Paulo, Brazil, have brought the beauty of music to those hard of hearing, through the use of an app that is “essentially a digital piano“, and rightly named so after one of the most influential pianists to ever live.

the ludwig project brings musical life to the deaf
The ludwig project aims to bring music to those hard of hearing.


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City is alive with the sound of music…and dance

City lover? Music lover? You’re in for a treat. The Sounds of the City festival hits Manchester again this weekend, with Castlefield Bowl being taken over by a whole weeks’ worth of music and festivities.

sounds of the city festival
city alive with sound – snapshot from last years festivities

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Barbra Streisand piano up for auction!

In recent months we have seen many weird and wonderful grand pianos go up for auction and this month is no exception. Following on from pianos belonging to John Lennon and Elvis Presley going up for auction, along with a few artistic wonders, we now see a baby grand go to auction that once belonged to the legendary Barbra Streisand. Barbra Streisand piano Continue reading “Barbra Streisand piano up for auction!”

Gershwin and the digital piano

Believe it or not, it was a digital piano that helped inspire the legendary George Gershwin to play. However, it was not a digital piano as we know them today, but it was an electronic piano with a self-playing feature so as it could be programmed to play pieces without the instruction of a player. It is absurd and somewhat amazing to think how it was a digital piano that inspired someonw who is arguably America’s finest who was born in 1898. Gershwin at piano Continue reading “Gershwin and the digital piano”

Jools Holland and his Digital Pianos

Jools Holland has long been a fan of the digital piano and is practically an international ambassador for the instrument. For a man of such talent and given the way he works, it makes perfect sense that he would use a top line electric piano. He has given online demonstrations of exactly why an electronic piano suits his needs perfectly and we can see him playing with all of the different voices, creatinJools Hollandg his own backing percussion tracks to play along with, and uploading pre-recorded tracks and vocals. Jools Holland sits at his piano stool and explains the use to him of the strings voice; he uses the string effect in the studio to play around until he finds the right sound, and then he knows it will translate well to his orchestra! He also demonstrates his excitement at a whole range of the other features on offer on the particular piano he is trying. The enthusiasm is contagious!

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