Get your carols ready for Christmas!

It’s that time of year again; the supermarkets are adorned with flashing Christmas lights and novelty Santas. Despite Christmas day being more than a month away, it has taken over once again. Every shop I have walked into in the past week has had the subtle tones of Christmas music in the background, just to subliminary get everyone in the mood.

Carols around the piano!

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Karl Jenkins and his digital piano

In a 2013 interview with Karl Jenkins, he mentioned the fact that he could write his music anywhere as long as he had his digital piano with him. It is really marvellous (and somewhat unexpected) to see the greatest classical composers today using electric pianos as one of their main composition tools.

Jenkins’ Works

Karl Jenkins

Jenkins was brought to public light after the release of his astounding Adiemus compositions, recorded in 1994. He then went on to release a whole range of other immensely successful compositions including his Armed Man (premiered 2000), Stabat Mater (2008), and Palladio (2005). When you listen to Jenkins’ work, a trained ear can detect the composition methods (for example the use of the electronic piano) as they are reflected in numerous aspects of his music. Continue reading “Karl Jenkins and his digital piano”