Piano Factory Tours

Piano Factory Tours

At Chase Direct you can find an amazing range of top quality digital pianos from various brands including Chase’s own brand, Yamaha, and Kawai. Interestingly, both Yamaha and Kawai offer factory tours where you can go and see where the magic happens and watch the process of a piano being built. Continue reading “Piano Factory Tours”

Timeless Japanese poems revived for digital piano

They’re reaped in deep history and culture, and now timeless Japanese Waka poems, dating back from the 13th century, are being revived for a   modern day instrument – the digital piano.

Japanese waka poems have been revived for the digital piano era
Reaped in history…13th century poems revived for digital piano

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Unification Piano Unveiled

At the end of last month the Unification Piano (known to many simply as the Barbed Wire Piano) was unveiled in South Korea. The piano was commissioned by South Korea’s Ministry of Unification and Cheil Worldwide marketing as both a symbol of the division between North and South Korea (which has now been in place for over 70 years), and also as a symbol of Korea’s liberation from Japanese rule.

Unification Piano

Where the Unification Piano came from

The idea for this piano was conceived last year when the Pope visited Korea. He was presented with a crown of thorns which was also made out of Korean barbed wire. The idea of using the barbed wire in the piano supposedly represents peace, rather than war and destruction. Continue reading “Unification Piano Unveiled”