Need a break from reading?

Many of us take advantage of the longer summer nights to get in some reading. We delve into the depths of our favourite books and stay up into the early hours of the morning. While we can easily while away the hours on one book, once it is finished we rarely want to dive straight into the next story. We need time to reflect and even recover, so how do we spend our next few nights? Try playing your digital piano instead, until you are ready to return to your books. Continue reading “Need a break from reading?”

Let music take you on holiday

Are you in desperate need of a holiday? Perhaps you are dreaming of sandy beaches or romantic strolls through a European city. Whatever your ideal break is, it isn’t always convenient or possible financially to go. In those cases, sometimes music can be the next best thing until you can actually get away. A digital piano might be just the thing you need until you are next able to hop on a plane and jet off to your dream holiday location! Continue reading “Let music take you on holiday”

Digital Piano – the perfect all round wedding instrument

When it comes to weddings, most brides want the world, and there is no exception where music is concerned. They want string quartets, organists, choirs, harpists, and the best band available to hire. Unfortunately, most of us can’t justify the cost of having this many musicians. Luckily there is a very simple solution – a digital piano. Continue reading “Digital Piano – the perfect all round wedding instrument”

Park Life Festival in your Back Garden

If you are having a bit of come a down after the excitement of a weekend of festivals, then fear not! A digital piano will brighten up you evenings and bring back the festival vibe. Continue reading “Park Life Festival in your Back Garden”

Unwind from your exam with music

Exam season is upon us, whether you are taking your GCSEs, A Levels, or university exams. The combination of taking the exams and doing the revision is incredibly stressful for most people. This is why it is so important that you leave yourself a little bit of time to relax and unwind. A digital piano can help you do just this. Continue reading “Unwind from your exam with music”

Express yourself through Music

Have you ever struggled to express yourself? Emotionally or otherwise, sometimes it can be hard to convey your feelings to others. If you can relate to this then consider trying to express youself through music. A digital piano can help you on this journey of expression. Continue reading “Express yourself through Music”

Cheer yourself up with a digital piano this gloomy weekend

If the thunder and rain are ruining your summer spirits on this gloomy weekend, you need cheering up! It’ll be hard not to smile when you see the amazing deals and offers available at Chase Direct on a huge range of digital pianos. Continue reading “Cheer yourself up with a digital piano this gloomy weekend”

Does your pet sing along to your piano playing?

Social media is littered with videos of pets. Some of these pet videos involve music and musical instruments. Continue reading “Does your pet sing along to your piano playing?”

Invest in a digital piano for GCSE music

If you or your child are doing GCSE music then you will know that a piano is an important piece of kit. Luckily for you, digital pianos from Chase direct are incredibly affordable and come with everything you need to see you through your GCSE music exam! Continue reading “Invest in a digital piano for GCSE music”

Honour Nature with a Digital Piano Composition

If you have been keeping up with recent classical music releases then you will know that there have recently been a lot of compositions surrounding nature. Many musicians do what they do best to honour nature – they compose. You can follow their lead at home with your digital piano. Continue reading “Honour Nature with a Digital Piano Composition”