Pianists of the World – Daniel Barenboim

Daniel Barenboim – an introduction

Today if you ask pianists and other accomplished musicians who they think are the top ten classical musicians of modern times, their lists are all bound to include the legendary Daniel Barenboim. Throughout his life time he has accomplished many great things both musically and politically and at the age of 75, he is showing no signs of stopping.

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Barenboim and his new wonder piano

Daniel Barenboim has created his own masterpiece in the (somewhat unsurprising) form of a grand piano. This classical music legend was always destined for great things, but ten years ago who would have been able to say he would be designing a grand piano to rival Steinway?!Barenboim piano Continue reading “Barenboim and his new wonder piano”

Barenboim and Dudamel take on Brahms!

Barenboim and Dudamel, the two most prominent men in classical music today, have teamed up for what promises to be something truly extraordinary. They have already recorded Brahms piano concertos one and two for a CD which has now been released on iTunes and Amazon. As a 60th anniversary to Barenboim’s first performance in the Royal Festival Hall, he will return to the Southbank centre along side Dudamel to perform the concertos to the public. Despite not being until January, the concert sold out in minutes and fans are travelling from across the world to see these two inspirational men perform together.  Barenboim and Dudamel

Barenboim and Dudamel come together to create a monumentous occasion

Personally, Barenboim and Dudamel are my biggest musical inspirations. I have had many awe-inspiring musical experiences (spending my 18th birthday with Karl Jenkins is certainly there among the greats), but singing under these men (Mahler 3 for Dudamel, and Beethoven 9 for Barenboim) was just the most incredible experience and I cannot even begin to describe how talented they are, each in their own right. For Barenboim to come together with Dudamel, the creator of the world acclaimed Simon Bolivar orchestra, is an exciting cornerstone in music.

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