Leslie Hatfield and Huw Watkins Perform in Newton Abbot

Leslie Hatfield and Huw Watkins Perform in Newton Abbot

If you are lucky enough to be spending this week around the gorgeous South Coast, then you might be pleased to know there is a rather interesting concert due to take place this coming Friday! A violin and piano duo of Leslie Hatfield and Huw Watkins will be taking to the stage at the Courtenay Centre in Newton Abbot. The concert starts at 7:30pm and tickets are priced from £10 to £15. More information about the concert and ticket purchases can be found on the Nasda Concerts website. Nasda are responsible for a number of classical music events on the South Coast and browsing their website might highlight some other interesting events to you. Continue reading “Leslie Hatfield and Huw Watkins Perform in Newton Abbot”

Flight Of the Bumblebee

Aspiring pianists everywhere aim to one day be able to play the infamous Flight of the Bumblebee by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. This phenomenal piece of piano music is challenging for a number of reasons. The sheer speed at which it is normally played poses the biggest contest, but in order for the Flight of the Bumblebee to mimic the fast beating of a bumblebee’s wings, it really does need to be played at the speed of light. Along with the speed of the piece, it is a work of technicalities. The long chromatic passages ensure that only the most technically sound players will be able to master it!

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The Best for Piano Teachers

An ongoing debate among music and piano teachers is which piano is the best. Pupils will always go to their piano teachers for advice when looking to buy a new piano, but what kind of instrument do they tend to recommend? While purists will always recommend an acoustic instrument, this comes with many problems which has lead to an increasing number of teachers recommending digital pianos as the instrument of choice.

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