Piano music re-imagined

Some of the most famous pieces of classical piano music have been re-imagined and redefined over the past few years. Social media is full of interesting versions of classical music which has been cleverly modernised. There is no reason why you can’t do some re-imagining of your own at home on your digital piano! Continue reading “Piano music re-imagined”

Your Introduction to Classical Music

Your Introduction to Classical Music

If you have just taken up piano lessons then perhaps you are looking for an easy way into classical music. Sometimes, classical music can seem a bit hard-core; classical composers like Wagner were fond of composing particularly long pieces of music. Some of his works are as long as nine hours long… If you are new to this genre of music then a nine hour long piece of music probably isn’t the best place to start! Continue reading “Your Introduction to Classical Music”

Classic FM Approval of Digital Pianos!

Classic FM Approve of Digital Pianos

Last week, Classic FM News released an article surrounding the almighty digital piano. For years, Classic FM have been writing about the world of classical music and over the years there have been several articles surrounding pianos, but finally, we have an article based around an electronic piano!

Classic FM explore hammer action keys on digital pianos Continue reading “Classic FM Approval of Digital Pianos!”