Why You Should Consider Kawai

Why You Should Consider Kawai

Five years ago, I had not heard of the brand Kawai. If you offered me a Yamaha digital piano and a Kawai digital piano, I would probably have picked the Yamaha purely because I recognised the name and knew their instruments were reliable. Now, five years down the line, I would pick Kawai every time without a moment’s hesitation. Kawai digital pianos are superb and in my opinion, nothing beats them. Here are a few things you might like to know if you have never come across Kawai before. Continue reading “Why You Should Consider Kawai”

Finchcocks gets a Revamp

Finchcocks gets a Revamp

Any keen music students in the Kent and London areas will have heard of Finchcocks and its impressive collection of pianos, harpsichords, and organs. Over the last 45 years, some may even have visited on school trips, as this grand mansion full of instruments has been open to the public as a museum. Continue reading “Finchcocks gets a Revamp”

Why a Digital Piano is Better in Cold Weather

Why a Digital Piano is Better in Cold Weather

Many people will already know this, but cold weather can be incredibly damaging to acoustic pianos. Changes in temperature in general will cause the wood in an acoustic piano to swell and shrink and the soundboard of the instrument is at risk of drying out. When a soundboard dries out, there will be a change to the sound and this is the beginning of the end for your piano. Continue reading “Why a Digital Piano is Better in Cold Weather”

The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys

Since their rise to fame a number of years ago, the Piano Guys have continued to release new songs and videos and their number of fans has continued to rise. They are currently underway with a US tour and many fans in the UK are hoping for the release of European tour dates in the near future. The Piano Guys continue to be one of the most popular classical and popular music mash up groups on the internet and hold much promise for the future. Continue reading “The Piano Guys”

Want a Grand Piano? Try the Chase CDP-345 Digital Piano

Have You Always Wanted a Grand Piano?

If your lifelong visions of owning your very own grand piano have been ruined by the small size of your home, the Chase CDP-345 Digital Piano could be the ultimate fit for you and your family. There is plenty of performance in this compact instrument, and it has been sampled from a top end grand piano, ensuring that you get the best possible sound. Judicious pianists will achieve the faithful acoustic tone and feel they are after with this wonderful electric piano to keep them inspired. Improving players and beginners will get all of the tools they need to progress; from high quality built in stereo speakers, a headphone jack, to a selection of different voices. The Chase CDP345 isn’t just designed to fit in your apartment, it is designed to fit your life, whatever stage you might be at and whatever your needs are. Continue reading “Want a Grand Piano? Try the Chase CDP-345 Digital Piano”

Merry Christmas from Chase

Merry Christmas from the team here at Chase Music!!


This year has been a year of electric pianos! We have seen the release of some lovely new digital pianos and the digital piano technology is as up to date as it ever has been and shows huge promise for the future.


Merry Christmas from Chase!!!


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Star Wars – May the Force be with your Piano

With the new release of the long awaited Star Wars film comes the latest hit from Player:Piano’s immensely successful Youtube channel. In this latest video we see and hear the legendary Sonya Belousova play a magnificent Star Wars medley just in time for the release of the new George Lucas masterpiece.

Star Wars Piano


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Have a Kawai Christmas with the KDP90

Do you want to give a stunning Christmas gift this year that will bring huge amounts of joy? Would you like to give a gift that will last for a lifetime and will inspire generations? If so, perhaps you should consider giving the gift of a Kawai KDP90 this year.


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Tips and tricks for buying a digital piano this year!

This year a digital piano will make a brilliant gift for anyone, and you are still in plenty of time to order one in time for Christmas! The question is, where to start?! The whole process of buying an electric piano can be very daunting (especially if you’re buying it for someone else, not yourself) if you’re not sure what to look for!!

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Get Jazzy this Christmas!


With digital pianos you have the fantastic option of getting wonderfully jazzy this Christmas. You can play anything you like on a jazz organ or electric piano setting (available on pretty much every digital piano ever made) and it will sound gloriously jazzy. Even if you play a bit of The Beatles, in a rigid 4/4, adding some E-Piano to your playing will give it that smooth edge that everyone is after on those long December nights in front of the open log fire!!

Get Jazzy!


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