Christmas Tails From The Forest Floor

Christmas tails are turning up on many of our TV adverts at present.  The Supermarket Giants are no exception as the 3 ‘biggies’ vie for your custom through tempting fare, celebrity promoters and of course …they all have their own ‘tails’ to tell. So check out the Bear and the Hare, Scotty dog and rodent alike and you’ll see how the use of furry friends makes a Christmas tail more appealing. Read on…Christmas Tails From the Forest Floor Continue reading “Christmas Tails From The Forest Floor”

Your Digital Piano – A Great New Delivery This Christmas?

I hope it’s good news this Christmas – do I hear the patter of tiny fingers tapping on your digital piano keys….!  Play Elton John On The Digital PianoIf all is going to plan then you should have a feast of a concert in readiness for Christmas Day. Meanwhile here’s another Christmas advert to add to your mounting collection…

Boots Advert ‘Lets Feel Good’

This advert heralds the talented Elton John on his digital piano performing ‘Are You Ready For Love. It contains several little episodes highlighting the lives of people of all ages. Most of all it’s about the family. You can start at the beginning with a short, introductory digital piano motif that is scored for ‘synth strings’ or similar: Continue reading “Your Digital Piano – A Great New Delivery This Christmas?”

Learn to play Annie’s ‘Tomorrow’ On Your Digital Piano

So how is the M&S Greatest Hits medley-making going? You should have quite a repertoire under your digital piano belt by now.

A Humbling Experience

I saw another Christmas Advert recently and thought of you. It’s a little more thought-provoking and humbling to watch so I hope it has the same effect when you play the melody round the Christmas tree this year. This advert for ‘Save The Children is not listed in the Top Ten Christmas Adverts as it doesn’t strive for the same public appeal as its glamorised forerunners ‘John Lewis’ and ‘M&S’. It is much less about materialistic department stores ‘must haves’ and more about baseline caring at Christmas. Continue reading “Learn to play Annie’s ‘Tomorrow’ On Your Digital Piano”

Play ‘Battle Of The Ads’ On Your Digital Piano

Hey how’s it going? … We’re on the countdown to Christmas from tomorrow and you should have four digital piano melodies up your sleeve. ’Jingle Bells’, ‘Ding Dong Merrily’, ‘Call Of Duty’ and the more recent ‘Power Of Love’ are all courtesy of TV Christmas adverts for 2012.

Another One To ‘Asda’ Your Collection

Thought I’d drop a controversial advert in today. As we know John Lewis topped the Christmas TV Ad Charts 2012 as Mr Snowman ‘bares all’ to buy a present for his snow lady.   Continue reading “Play ‘Battle Of The Ads’ On Your Digital Piano”