The Mozart Effect

What Is The Mozart Effect?

The Mozart effect is something that has been talked about for the past twenty years, but what is it? Generally, the consensus is that playing classical music to young children will help to improve their cognitive abilities. They will also potentially be able to develop their fine motor skills at a more rapid rate than other children. Thus far there have been several studies which both prove and disprove the theory, but generally parents of young children like to think that classical music will make their child more clever.

People who believe in the effects of the Mozart effect often then look no further than listening to classical music. However, if you believe that your child’s basic functions are improved and developed at a more rapid rate than usual through listening to classical music, surely you should also consider the effect that playing classical music would have on a child.

The Mozart Effect Could Lead to Piano Playing Benefits

Playing the piano in particular develops all kinds of skills within a child. Their hand eye coordination will improve, they will learn how to read music which may help with the reading of alphabetical text, and they will develop a good posture. All of these things are desirable when you are the parent of a young child, so it is baffling that more parents do not give thought to their child learning to play the piano!!

The Mozart Effect
The Mozart Effect

There are some who do indeed consider having their child take up piano lessons but are put off at the thought of buying a piano on which the child can practise. Contrary to popular belief, pianos do not have to be expensive. Digital pianos are a fantastic option for any new beginners at the instrument and they come in at under £500 in many cases. An electric instrument such as the Chase P-50 digital piano is one of the most popular instruments for children just starting out and it comes equipped with everything a beginner could ever need!

If you would like more information about digital pianos then please have a look at the Chase Direct website or give the piano team a call.


Children who practice piano deemed more successful as adults

Many of us may know how to tickle the ivories on the digital piano, and play the odd tune. Some of us may not have the first clue. Others may have been learning as a child. New research has now shown that those who did have lessons as children, tend to go on to be more succesful later on in life.

learning piano has been proven to make adults more successful
Learning piano has been proven to be beneficial in adult life

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Has your child shown musical promise?

In this day and age so many children have access to technology it’s unbelievable what they are capable of! You will probably find that one in ten children who have either a smartphone or a tablet have a little digital piano app on which they can have a little play around at their own will. Most kids love playing on this kind of app as it is an excellent way for them to release creativity. If your child has been doing just this, then perhaps you should consider upgrading them to a keyboard, or a digital piano through which there will be no limits to their new found creativity.

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