Traditional Mozart Pianos

Traditional Mozart Pianos

When looking for a new piano, many people decide to purchase a brand new digital piano. New electric pianos make an excellent sound which is usually comparable to a top end acoustic instrument. They also tend to work out much cheaper than a good acoustic piano. However, Mozart wouldn’t have played a digital piano. Continue reading “Traditional Mozart Pianos”

BBC Young Musician of the Year 2014 Martin James Bartlett to Play in Harrogate

BBC Young Musician of the Year 2014 Martin James Bartlett to Play in Harrogate

If you think back to 2014, you will remember that the winner of the prestigious BBC Young Musician of the Year Competition was an incredibly talented young pianist by the name of Martin James Bartlett. Bartlett won the title of BBC Young Musician of the Year at the tender age of seventeen with his show stopping rendition of Rachmaninov’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.  Since winning the competition Martin James Bartlett has wasted no time in making a name for himself as a professional concert pianist. Continue reading “BBC Young Musician of the Year 2014 Martin James Bartlett to Play in Harrogate”

The Czech National Symphony Orchestra Perform With Barry Douglas

The Czech National Symphony Orchestra Perform With Barry Douglas

This month the Czech National Symphony Orchestra is well and truly underway with its series of concerts in Europe. This week there are several concerts to watch out for including one alongside Barry Douglas on the piano. If you are interested in going to see Barry Douglas alongside this super orchestra then you’ll need to be in London on the 18th April. The concert is due to take place at 7:30pm in the Cadogan Hall and tickets range from £18 to £45. For more information and ticket sales visit the Cadogan Hall website. Continue reading “The Czech National Symphony Orchestra Perform With Barry Douglas”

The Mozart Effect

What Is The Mozart Effect?

The Mozart effect is something that has been talked about for the past twenty years, but what is it? Generally, the consensus is that playing classical music to young children will help to improve their cognitive abilities. They will also potentially be able to develop their fine motor skills at a more rapid rate than other children. Thus far there have been several studies which both prove and disprove the theory, but generally parents of young children like to think that classical music will make their child more clever.

People who believe in the effects of the Mozart effect often then look no further than listening to classical music. However, if you believe that your child’s basic functions are improved and developed at a more rapid rate than usual through listening to classical music, surely you should also consider the effect that playing classical music would have on a child.

The Mozart Effect Could Lead to Piano Playing Benefits

Playing the piano in particular develops all kinds of skills within a child. Their hand eye coordination will improve, they will learn how to read music which may help with the reading of alphabetical text, and they will develop a good posture. All of these things are desirable when you are the parent of a young child, so it is baffling that more parents do not give thought to their child learning to play the piano!!

The Mozart Effect
The Mozart Effect

There are some who do indeed consider having their child take up piano lessons but are put off at the thought of buying a piano on which the child can practise. Contrary to popular belief, pianos do not have to be expensive. Digital pianos are a fantastic option for any new beginners at the instrument and they come in at under £500 in many cases. An electric instrument such as the Chase P-50 digital piano is one of the most popular instruments for children just starting out and it comes equipped with everything a beginner could ever need!

If you would like more information about digital pianos then please have a look at the Chase Direct website or give the piano team a call.


Give the Gift of Music this Valentine’s Day

Are you struggling to think of a gift for your loved one this Valentine’s day? Surprise them with the gift of a digital piano!

A digital piano is the gift that keeps on giving and it will last for a whole lifetime. An electric piano is one of the most loving things you could possibly give, and it will also inspire and benefit the whole family. There are few gifts to give this Valentine’s day as thoughtful as a digital piano.

Continue reading “Give the Gift of Music this Valentine’s Day”

The Perfect First Piano – The Chase P-47

Are You Looking For Your Child’s First Piano?

If you are looking for your child’s first ever piano, the Chase P-47 is the perfect choice. Delivering Chase’s celebrated piano technology at an incredibly affordable price, this compact and attractive digital piano offers best-in-class performance that provides a solid foundation for learning the instrument the right way. Its rich, authentic piano tone inspires young players to explore and develop their own musical expression, while the fine weighted keyboard action – derived from Chase’s flagship models – provides an accurate acoustic grand touch which is essential for a proper piano education. Continue reading “The Perfect First Piano – The Chase P-47”

Nobody to Duet with?

The problems of a duet

Go back in time, and if you wanted to duet Chopsticks or the Jamaican Rhumba, you had to find a time that was convenient for both you and your piano playing friend. Diaries had to be consulted and spare piano stools had to be sourced. While playing a piano duet is always fantastic fun, organising the time to do such an activity has always been a bit of a nightmare.  Fast forward to today, and thanks to the joy of digital pianos, you can play any duet any time of the day or night that tickles your fancy.

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