Cheer yourself up with a digital piano this gloomy weekend

If the thunder and rain are ruining your summer spirits on this gloomy weekend, you need cheering up! It’ll be hard not to smile when you see the amazing deals and offers available at Chase Direct on a huge range of digital pianos. Continue reading “Cheer yourself up with a digital piano this gloomy weekend”

Tea, cake, and piano music

Here at Chase Direct, we love our tea. We are pretty sure that most of the UK is with us on this one. In our opinion, the best accompaniment to tea is definitely cake. The best addition to tea AND cake, is music. We are of the strong opinion that piano music is the best tea and cake music of all time, so plug in your digital piano, power up, and get playing! Continue reading “Tea, cake, and piano music”

Could digital pianos be the next trend?

If you are a trend hunter then it is time to start looking at digital pianos. Pianos in general have always been a trendy item to have in your home, but it looks like the dawn of the electric piano is upon us! More and more interior designs and Pinterest worthy homes have a digital piano in view. Continue reading “Could digital pianos be the next trend?”

Visit us in Manchester this summer!

Over this bank holiday weekend, many of you will have visited Manchester. This glorious city is home to one of England’s best music and nightlife scenes – and it’s where Chase Direct is based as well! Continue reading “Visit us in Manchester this summer!”

Celebrate piano music with a lunchtime recital this Friday

If you are free at lunchtime on Friday then hear over to Charlton House for a concert! Trios seem to be all the rage this season as this is one of many recitals featuring a talented trio of musicians. This particular recital is sure to get your musical spirit warmed up and raring to go. What better inspiration for playing your digital piano than a wonderful recital? Continue reading “Celebrate piano music with a lunchtime recital this Friday”

Sing a Song this Bank Holiday Weekend

This bank holiday weekend is bound to be full of activities, events, and memories for many people across the UK. However you end up spending your time today, tomorrow, and Monday, make sure it is a bank holiday weekend to remember. Believe it or not, a Chase digital piano can help you with the memories! Continue reading “Sing a Song this Bank Holiday Weekend”

Digital Piano Inspiration from Richard Deering

Your latest digital piano inspiration will be coming to Oxfordshire tomorrow morning. Richard Deering will be playing six pieces for piano and you will be itching to go home and play your Chase piano by the end of the concert! Continue reading “Digital Piano Inspiration from Richard Deering”

Plug in your Chase Piano this Half Term

Now that half term has started, you might be thinking about things to do. Something you may not have considered is playing your Chase piano and whiling the minutes, hours, and days away playing some of your favourite tunes. Continue reading “Plug in your Chase Piano this Half Term”

Practise Your Chase Piano with Headphone Compatibility

One of the most popular features of any digital piano is the headphone compatibility. This amazing feature is unique to electric pianos and is an absolute winner for many individuals and families. Continue reading “Practise Your Chase Piano with Headphone Compatibility”

Prepare for Starting Piano Lessons this Summer

If you have a little one who will be starting school in September then you might want to give some thought to the piano. If you would like them to start piano lessons at school in September then getting a digital piano for the summer holidays could be the best move you have ever made. Continue reading “Prepare for Starting Piano Lessons this Summer”