Portable Digital Pianos make life much easier!!

The portable digital piano from Chase

The portable digital piano is great if you are looking for a Digital Piano with fully weighted hammer action keys, that is still easy to transport but at no cost to the sound of the piano. Portable Digital pianos can be used at home or as a digital stage piano (or just about anywhere as long as there is a power source).Portable Digital Piano Their practical and lightweight construction makes them a powerful tool whether you’re on the move, or stationary. Chase Direct stocks a wide range of Digital Portable Stage Pianos From Chase, Yamaha and Casio. Some digital portable pianos also offer you the option to add a matching piano stand or a pedal unit to make the portable keyboard look more like a stationary instrument.

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The Chase P-40 – The New and Exciting Digital Piano from Chase

Chase P-40

As an exciting new addition to the Chase digital piano family, the Chase P-40 is proving to be an absolute hit. With 88 fully weighted keys the Chase P-40 gives an authentic piano feel but with the obvious perks that come with an electric piano such as portability, extra voices, and an in-built metronome. Chase P-40

The Chase P-40 is available with a selection of unbeatable price packages which make it an offer that is simply too good to refuse! Chase Direct are selling the Chase P-40 in three different bundles; the keyboard by itself, the keyboard with a foldable stand, keyboard bench, and other accessories, and the keyboard with a wooden stand, three pedals, adjustable bench, and accessories. Because of the range of these bundles available, there is something to suit all price ranges, and all piano playing levels. Continue reading “The Chase P-40 – The New and Exciting Digital Piano from Chase”

Siel Synth from Chase!



-Chase stole the show, and here’s why:-

As the second half of yesterday’s post, here is another archived advert for the Siel DK70 from the highly successful 1986 Frankfurt review from Chase Music. Chase’s main speciality back in the 1980s was synthesizers and this is a perfect example of one. As it has been stated many times before, although Chase now specialises in digital pianos and portable keyboards, there are a whole range of electronic pianos with features not dissimilar to those of the synths that Chase used to sell, for example the Chase P40! Like back in the 80s, Chase Music still has a showroom where you can come and try a whole range of excellent digital pianos from a range of brands!!

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Chase Music 10th Anniversary – 1986

Chase 10th Anniversary – 1986

Chase Music 10 year anniversary

Chase music has been up and running now for nearly 40 years and the deals on offer are better than ever! As part of the 10 year anniversary celebrations back in 1986 Chase had unbeatable offers on organs, synthesizers, and digital pianos which were all world-famous. A page spread in the popular Melody Maker newspaper outlined just some of the incredible deals on offer at the time, including a Chase baby grand piano for £499, and a Chase DP30 for £299! Along with the purchase of any of the instruments on offer in this particular advert, a free stay in a hotel was also on offer!!

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Organs from Chase Music!

Although Chase Music now specialises in digital pianos and portable keyboards – in the 1980s things were a little different and the speciality was more focussed on and around synthesizers and organs, which were all the rage at the time. As well as selling top brand electric organs such as the Crumar 915, Crumar 920, and the Crumar 2003, Chase sold a range of top end own brand electric organs of outstanding quality and at amazingly competitive prices.



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