Teddington Centre gets a Grand Piano

Last month the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington celebrated the arrival of a brand new concert grand piano. This was a big event for the centre which is a registered charity, as they had dreamed of having a piano for many years and had set up a piao fundraser four years ago.

The Fundraising Target for the Grand Piano

The target to be raised was a whopping £22,000 and the majority of the funds that were raised came from locals and individual donations. This was a fundraising cause that the local people were truly invested in and wanted to see through. Continue reading “Teddington Centre gets a Grand Piano”

Man completes TEN HOUR piano marathon for charity

A man deeply affected by the deteroation of his music teacher to Motor Neurone Disease has just completed a ten hour digital piano playing marathon, to raise thousands of pounds for the MND charity.

pianist completed piano marathon for charity
Ten hours and much ear ringing later…Barrie Crawford completes piano marathon to raise money for MND

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