New Digital Piano Releases from NAMM 2018

What is NAMM?

For anyone who has never come across NAMM before, it’s a trade show in the US for all things music and music technology. It stands for the National Association of Music Merchants, and every year, hundreds of brands attend NAMM to showcase their new products, including digital pianos. This year, brands showing off their latest digital piano releases at NAMM included huge names in the piano and keyboard world, such as Yamaha, Casio, and Kawai. Each of these particular digital piano manufacturers brought game changing instruments to the market which will all be available to purchase in the UK in the coming months.

The NAMM show
The NAMM show

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Robbie Williams’s Daughter on his Career

Robbie Williams’s (42) daughter Teddy apparently doesn’t care about his singing career! The girl of 4 years old has been known to sit on her father’s lap as he shows her videos from his Knebworth concert with 135,000 in a sea of complete awe and emotion and quite simply says ‘Can I have some cake?’

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Teddy shows no interest in Robbie’s performances even when a sea of people is seen. Williams has stated that the ‘Embarrassment is yet to come!’

Williams has had an amazing career starting out as a young and energetic member of the ever popular Take That. He later on progressed into his own solo career releasing complete chart toppers such as ‘Angels’, ‘Rock DJ’ and ‘Let Me Entertain You’.

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A surprise from Goldie Lookin Chain

This week in piano news, something somewhat unexpected has happened. A rapper from a group called Goldie Lookin Chain has written a 17-track album called Piano Solos under the name ‘Rhys from GLC’. Goldie Lookin Chain is a controversial rap group from Wales, famous for titles such as Your Missus is a Nutter, and Half Man Half Machine. Goldie Lookin Chain and the new piano album Continue reading “A surprise from Goldie Lookin Chain”

Casio’s Youtube Star

To accompany Casio’s launch of the brand spanking new Casio CDP 130 digital piano is a pair of Youtube videos where we can see the new piano in action. We see a young, virtuosic pianist take to the ivories and play his heart out in both Chopin’s Etude opus number 25, number 11, otherwise known as ‘Winter Wind’, and Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu Opus 66. The piano is set up in a red brick room and our mystery player is positioned in the middle of the space available wearing his casual (yet sleek) black suit jacket and a stony expression on his face. Casio's Youtube Sensation Continue reading “Casio’s Youtube Star”

Casio Celviano announce a new piano!

Following the immense success of the Casio PRIVIA range of pianos, Casio have this month announced the launch of a new piano to celebrate their thirty year anniversary of manufacturing pianos. The new piano is an extension of the Celviano range and follows on from models such as the Casio AP-250 Celvanio and the Casio AP-260 Celviano that have proved to be a great success across the years and popular with pianists young and old!!Casio Celviano Continue reading “Casio Celviano announce a new piano!”

Make way for the Casio CDP-130!

This Casio CDP-130 is being released this week by Chase Direct. As the upgrade to the ever popular model, the Casio CDP-120, there is sure to be a rush of people excited to purchase this fantastic new digital piano, the CDP-130. With ten tones, an integrated metronome, and a whole range of fantastic electronic effects, the CDP-130 is a fantastic instrument for beginners and has everything built in that you need to start your piano playing journey. Even for the more seasoned pianist, this electronic piano is more than suitable for use, and still has everything you could possibly need for a heightened practicing experience. The speaker system has been improved since the Casio CDP-120, and can be made particular use of with the built in ‘Hall effect’ button which applies the most wonderful concert hall reverb to the sound of the piano, making it actually sound like you are performing in a concert hall. The tone of the piano has been improved, and the tone of the voices integrated in the piano have also been improved on since the Casio CDP120, ensuring the entire piano playing journey is as enriched as possible. Continue reading “Make way for the Casio CDP-130!”

The Casio AP-260 Season – It’s All In the Genes

The Casio AP-260 is the latest Celviano on the high street and at a time when some flaunt their figure in nothing more than a pair of Calvin’s – Casio also knows a thing oCasio AP-260 Digital Pianor two about how to get noticed. With its stylish, elegant cabinet and dark, good looks the exterior of the Casio AP-260 tempts you closer and its internal technology of this digital piano will beguile you further. So if you’re a dedicated follower of keyboard fashion then walk this way for the hip new model that will fit your bill. So let’s see why no well-dressed musician should be without this little black number… Continue reading “The Casio AP-260 Season – It’s All In the Genes”

Marc Anthony – Building The Salsa Empire

Marc Anthony of the old order knew that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, Marc Anthony, present day singer-songwriter and leader of a new Salsa School Of Thought also knows it takes time to rule the world. Whilst the former is a soldier of historic significance, the latter is working to build a musical empire around his Latino roots. In both English and his native Hispanic tongue Marc Anthony has formulated a repertoire of torrid Salsa tracks that embrace a diverse trio of Latino, Pop and R&B. ‘’I Need To Know’’, released in 1999 is one such single that exemplifies the success of these crossover genres to produce a danceable composition that enchants the generations. Together with the line-up that includes violin, digital piano and indigenous percussion this indulgent affair has us all in raptures and Marc Anthony ruling the Salsa Empire wearing little more than a sache.Marc Anthony – Building The Salsa Empire Continue reading “Marc Anthony – Building The Salsa Empire”

The Casio Celviano Piano Trio – A Musical Journey

The Casio Celviano trio is sleek range of three digital pianos that hang out in various keys. They’re black exterior makes them lean-looking music machines that will take you on a journey as far as your creativity wants to go. Whether you’re considering the Celviano AP-250, AP-450 or the leading AP-650 – this is the gang to be in. So fasten your piano stool belt and enjoy the ride… Continue reading “The Casio Celviano Piano Trio – A Musical Journey”