Tips and tricks for buying a digital piano this year!

This year a digital piano will make a brilliant gift for anyone, and you are still in plenty of time to order one in time for Christmas! The question is, where to start?! The whole process of buying an electric piano can be very daunting (especially if you’re buying it for someone else, not yourself) if you’re not sure what to look for!!

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Guitar tips from Chase

As recent archive discoveries have proved, Chase music shop has many areas of expertise over the years and as time goes on the company is becoming infinitely more expert in various fields. Something that Guitar MaintenanceChase Music has always been brilliant with is guitars. In the 80s Chase guitars were just as popular as they are now, and the company offered excellent and invaluable advice to all new buyers and beginners.


If you are planning on buying a guitar or giving one to a beginner as a gift, these tips will help simplify your selection.

Don’t buy the beginner an expensive, top-line guitar. At the same time, don’t buy a toy that will go out of tune easily. Acoustic guitars range in price from twenty pounds. For about fifty pounds you can purchase a good quality instrument that will sound perfectly respectable. The recipient can always trade up to another model after he determines his needs. Continue reading “Guitar tips from Chase”