A Chase Digital Piano – The Perfect Birthday Present

Whether you have a small budget or unlimited funds, a digital piano makes an excellent birthday present and Chase Direct have the perfect instrument for you. When you make a gift of an electric piano, you are not just giving someone a physical object. You are giving them the gift of music. Continue reading “A Chase Digital Piano – The Perfect Birthday Present”

Ustad Bade Fateh Ali Khan at the Asian School of Music

Ustad Bade Fateh Ali Khan was once a regular at the Manchester based Asian School of Music. The Asian school of Music, as known by some, is the sister school of the London synthesiser school which comes under the umbrella of Chase Music, known for their world class, top of the line digital pianos. Now specialising in top range electric pianos and digital keyboards, it has been a while since the establishment was graced by Bade Fateh Ali Khan, but in his heyday he performed concerts of a world class standard in the recital hall of the Asian School of Music.

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The Chase CDP-121 – The world’s most adorable piano!

 Paint the town black, white, or pink for your little one with the Chase CDP-121

The Chase CDP-121 – the world’s most adorable piano

From Britain’s number one digital piano retailer comes the most adorable piano that has ever been available on the market! The Chase CDP-121 mini digital piano comes in three different colours that are bound to excite any little pianist and bring out their creativity! With a wooden casing, this tiny little digital piano has a wonderful aesthetic that will look great in any bedroom or play room!Chase CDP-121 Mini Digital Piano Continue reading “The Chase CDP-121 – The world’s most adorable piano!”

Karl Jenkins and his digital piano

In a 2013 interview with Karl Jenkins, he mentioned the fact that he could write his music anywhere as long as he had his digital piano with him. It is really marvellous (and somewhat unexpected) to see the greatest classical composers today using electric pianos as one of their main composition tools.

Jenkins’ Works

Karl Jenkins

Jenkins was brought to public light after the release of his astounding Adiemus compositions, recorded in 1994. He then went on to release a whole range of other immensely successful compositions including his Armed Man (premiered 2000), Stabat Mater (2008), and Palladio (2005). When you listen to Jenkins’ work, a trained ear can detect the composition methods (for example the use of the electronic piano) as they are reflected in numerous aspects of his music. Continue reading “Karl Jenkins and his digital piano”

Baileys Goes Nuts This Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Baileys and this year’s advertising campaign featured the spirited Irish cream going nuts!The backdrop for its cracking yuletide theme is taken from Tchaikovsky’s Ballet ‘The Nutcracker’ extracted as a suite in 1892. Bailey’s advert, peppered with Shakespearean pathos sets up a ‘boy meets girl’ party scenario within the famous pine forest complete with flawless dance routines and enchanting musical motif from the famous digital piano celeste theme. But this clever take on ‘The Nutcracker’ has a bitter-sweet downside with the Sugar Plum Fairy wishing she’d taken note of Bailey’s Christmas strapline and spent ‘’more time with the girls’’. Baileys at your Christmas

Arrival At The Baileys Christmas Party

Here the Bailey’s storyline fuses Acts I and II together as we see 3 young ladies on the stroke of midnight walking through the snow-clad forest complete with hooting owls in the direction of the party. The great door to ‘Candyland’ is opened and the girls enter a room filled with guests and grandeur. The ‘Land of Sweets’ Act II is cleverly adopted here by Baileys but with the reduction of  4 lifelike dolls to a trio – but hey – whose counting! Continue reading “Baileys Goes Nuts This Christmas”

Praising Tesco This Christmas with Fatboy Slim

Praising Tesco is not so far-fetched when you think of the abundance of nostalgia they packed into their present Christmas advertising campaign. From the 60s to present day five decades of culture, vintage fashion and fun plus four generations of one family were squeezed into a 9 minute commercial.

Now a Christmas advert-ette with the same marketing message has appeared in a 30 second time frame. It zooms into the 90’s with a love’s young dream theme and Fatboy Slim telling us in hymn-like fashion –the way it is – or it should be. Take it away Fatboy Slim…Praise you by fatboy Slim for Digital Piano Continue reading “Praising Tesco This Christmas with Fatboy Slim”

Goldie Hawn – The Golden Girl of The Silver Screen

Goldie Hawn celebrates her 68th birthday today. Best known as the giggling dumb blonde in many screen successes she is in fact far from being the brainless stereotype her on-screen characters portray. Goldie Hawn has also been nominated for more awards from BAFTA to Academy to Golden Globe than you can shake a stick at. She is a typical Sagittarius; the symbolic archer who is steadfast in her goals whether it’s as an actress, film director or occasional singer bringing pleasure to millions as the endearing funny girl. Continue reading “Goldie Hawn – The Golden Girl of The Silver Screen”

Thoroughly Modern Julie

Julie Andrews UK singer and actress may be a dame by name but certainly not by nature. She is one of Britain’s finest whose perfect pitch and manners to boot have her ranked at the top of her game. From humble beginnings to the present day Julie is as active as ever as she celebrates her 78th birthday this month. Having enjoyed a wide-ranging repertoire of performances from the more serious to the silly as both regal Queen Lillian and a lowly step-daughter, Julie has done it all both modern and mundane. So if you think this dame is tame then read on and discover the thoroughly modern Julie. Continue reading “Thoroughly Modern Julie”

Gloria Estefan –And I’m A Fan

Gloria Estefan is so much more than the Cuban born American singer songwriter we all know and love.As well as her alluring voice and Latino charisma Estefan’s ventures in book writing and business acumen all add to the multi-talented, entrepreneurial image that has earned her such glorious fame. Earlier this month Estefan celebrated her 56th birthday and decades after her Latino-Pop debut her name still rings out worldwide as Gloria by name and glorious by nature. So what makes this mega-mother and grandmother accumulate such an adoring fan base – an Estefan base?Gloria Estefan Continue reading “Gloria Estefan –And I’m A Fan”

Bono – The Original Of His Species

Bono has been fronting the Dublin-based rock band as lead singer U2 since the beginning of time. Yesterday he celebrated his 53rd birthday, though I’m sure he’ll be raising a toast to the success of his band too.Bono From U2 Continue reading “Bono – The Original Of His Species”