Play Beethoven on your Chase Digital Piano

Play Beethoven on your Chase Digital Piano

There is possibly not a better digital piano to play Beethoven at home on than a Chase digital piano. For many people a Chase electric piano is second in line to a concert grand piano. This makes it the perfect instrument to play showstopper pieces of music on. Continue reading “Play Beethoven on your Chase Digital Piano”

The Bubble Piano has been unveiled!

This month’s nutty science digital piano has been unveiled! Utterly ridiculous in comparison to a conventional digital piano or electronic keyboard that you might find in your front room, we are now faced with something that has been dubbed a ‘ Bubble Piano ’. Of course, fascinating as these new innovations in digital pianos are, if you are looking for a beautiful instrument to adorn your house with, you should probably keep looking (try something like the Chase P-40 or the Chase CDP-350)…

Bubble piano in action


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