Electric Pianos are saving us from piano playing going extinct!

Acoustic Pianos

Acoustic pianos used to be the centre piece for any family if you go back in time a hundred and fifty years or so. The Victorians loved their pianos and piano playing was a popular past time for many people and proved to be an excellent source of entertainment at parties and the like. Even before the Victorian Era, pianos were vastly popular and even Georgian households were often adorned with a piano. For many more well off families, a piano was a decorative piece of furniture as much as it was an instrument to be played. Due to this, there are some magnificently decorated grand pianos out there that would undoubtedly have been the centrepiece of a room in their hay day. Over the centuries, as technologies have changed and tastes have evolved the piano has been pushed to the back corner of the room to make way for televisions, games consoles, and goodness knows what else. Electric piano has taken over Continue reading “Electric Pianos are saving us from piano playing going extinct!”