Virtual Piano App vs Real Keys

Virtual Piano Apps

Over the past few years, many apps for phones and tablets alike have appeared on the market claiming to teach you how to how to play the piano. Some are free, and others charge you, but which ever app you choose, they are all cheaper than buying a real piano. Thousands of people all over the world are investing their time (and sometimes money) into these apps with the hopes of being a piano virtuoso after a few weeks, but is it really possible?

Virtual Piano app

The short answer is no. None of our piano superstars today started their musical journey on a virtual piano. The likes of Daniel Barenboim, Yuja Wang, and even Elton John would probably shudder at the idea of replacing an accoustic or digital piano with a virtual piano. In addition to disregarding the actual instrument itself, there is no teacher on any of the virtual piano apps available. You must simply read the messages displayed on the screen and copy a series of movements – almost a poor man’s version of the Suzuki method… What’s more, if your app-learned skills are ever then transferred to a real instrument, the chances are that even if you can bash out a tune, your technique will be diabolical.

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