Nigel Kennedy hits Manchester

Today, Manchester’s music scene is graced with the pleasure of the utter nutcase that is Nigel Kennedy. In the classical music world this man has been causing a stir for years, and shows absolutely no signs of stopping. Undoubtedly one of the greatest violinists in the world, Kennedy has been performing on the world’s most acclaimed stages for decades and tonight is coming to Bridgewater Hall. The programme is to include the Four Seasons alongside some of his own compositions. Nigel Kennedy


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Bowie hits the charts!

Ever since the news of his untimely death earlier in the month, David Bowie has been floating around in the UK top 40 singles charts (as is normally the case when a British music icon passes away) and will probably continue to do so for the coming months. Bowie is currently holding places 30, 32, and 36, and is down eighteen, sixteen, and eighteen places. Unfortunately he has now been overtaken by the likes of One Direction and Bieber, but hopefully Bowie will stay in our charts a little longer.

This week's chart topper

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Farewell to the Starman

Farewell to the Starman


Yesterday, the music world was brought to a halt as we learned of the death of the original Starman, David Bowie. The rock God has inspired millions to go into the music career and has in fact inspired many of the other big names in the music industry today. Bowie was an inspiration to many, not just in the music industry, but also in the film world. His smash hit film Labyrinth will go down in history as being an eighties classic and there is absolutely no doubt that hundreds of thousands of Bowie fans spent last night huddled up in a blanket watching this iconic flick, fighting off the tears and fondly remembering the legend who has now passed into the stars, to once and for all become a Starman.

The Starman

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Ustad Bade Fateh Ali Khan at the Asian School of Music

Ustad Bade Fateh Ali Khan was once a regular at the Manchester based Asian School of Music. The Asian school of Music, as known by some, is the sister school of the London synthesiser school which comes under the umbrella of Chase Music, known for their world class, top of the line digital pianos. Now specialising in top range electric pianos and digital keyboards, it has been a while since the establishment was graced by Bade Fateh Ali Khan, but in his heyday he performed concerts of a world class standard in the recital hall of the Asian School of Music.

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Best Prices from Manchester’s best Music Shop

Founded in 1978, today Chase Music is the most competitive digital piano retailer in the country, stocking a range of electronic pianos and digital keyboards where there is something to suit every price range and every playing ability. Although Chase Direct specialise in digital pianos, they also have the biggest guitar collection in Manchester, many of which are on display in the Chase Music guitar showroom in central Manchester (located on Oldham Street, just a few minutes’ walk away from Picadilly Gardens).


Chase Digital Pianos – the best prices on the market

When it comes to pianos, Chase Digital Pianos are some of the very best models in the world, and can be found at unbeatable prices. As an established brand, these electric pianos can be testified for and they are simply a supurb breed of instrument that will delight any aspiring (or professional) piano player. If you would like to try out any of the excellent pianos from the Chase Digital Piano range, the Chase shop in Manchester has an electronic piano showroom where you can try out many models, including the Chase P40, the Chase P-55, and many more, including models from Kawai, Casio, and Yamaha. There is also a Chase range of digital grand pianos that are of the highest quality in the country (and quite possibly the world). One of these outstanding instruments, the Chase CDP-723, is on display in the Chase showroom.


Why not come and try out a Chase piano in the piano showroom?

If you are thinking of buying yourself or a friend a Chase digital piano at the best prices available, why not come along to our showroom and try one out? The staff have received training on every piano in the showroom and are more than equipped to answer any question you may have, so do not hesitate to ask!

Chase Direct – The UK’s Number One Digital Piano Retailer

Chase Direct is Britain’s Number One Digital Piano Retailer

Chase Direct was founded back in 1978 by musician Amrik Singh, and from the very beginning it was clear that the company was destined to be something big. The speciality was originally based on and around synthesisers and electric organs which were all the rage back in the 70s and 80s and proved to be incredibly popular! Throughout the years, Chase Music was the biggest synthesiser retailer in the country and produced a number of award winning models that were favoured by the stars of the day (including Queen, Madness, Bad Company, and Kate Bush to name just a few). There were Chase Direct shops scattered across the country so you were never more than a stone’s throw away from your nearest synthesiser and organ retailer!

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Chase Dreadnought Cort D 10 Guitar

Chase Direct have been going since the 1970s and today, are one of the biggest digital piano retailers in the United Kingdom, specialising in a wide range of electronic pianos – all offered at unbeatable prices as part of incredible package deals. Whether you are a beginner, or a professional concert pianist, Chase Direct has the electric piano for you! Chase Dreadnought

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Meet ‘ Mr Synthesiser ’ Amrik Singh

The London Synthesiser Center was the center for all things synthesiser back in the 70s and after uncovering some long-forgotten archive material, an interview with the company’s director Amrk Singh, from the 70s has come to light. It is amazing to think how far the synthesiser has come since then, and to see how often this incredible instrument is still in use. It was only two months ago when the world acclaimed composer and performer Sara Lowes premiered her long-awaited Graphine Suite which made full use of a synthesiser and a digital piano. The unusual orchestration of the composition created a wonderful sound that somehow managed to marry something like Pink Floyd with Queen’s Flash soundtrack. The piece was enhanced massively by the use of a synthesiser, which just goes to show – synthesisers are not dead!

You’ve been called Mr Synthesiser, but are you actually a player?

Yes I like to play as often as I can. I’ve been playing for about ten years although I actually stumbled onto the synth by accident. I’ve been playing music since I was a child – playing both Indian and Western music. I was searching for a new instrument on which to

play religious music and the synthesiser was perfect.Synthesiser King Amrik Singh

Through the London Synthesiser Centres do you get the chance to form an opinion about the quality of the new generation of electronic keyboard players?

I’ve been extremely impressed with the standard of new players from all types of musical background. The synthesiser is no longer the secret weapon of the keyboard players’ arsenal – it is one of the first items that is considered. We get hundreds of young players in our stores who are considering buying a synthesiser as their very first instrument.

Isn’t the synthesiser a very expensive first instrument?

On the contrary, it has become one of the cheapest in the same way that calculators have become accessible to every schoolchild. Computer type technology and the infamous computer

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Don McLean Shares His Piece Of The Pie

40 years after we all indulged in ‘American Pie’ by Don McLean he was back in the UK this week for another slice of the action.  A lifetime achievement award was one reason for McLean’s visit alongside the opportunity to share his musical experiences from a time gone by. Armed with only his guitar in its gig bag he hit the stage running…DonMcLean Continue reading “Don McLean Shares His Piece Of The Pie”